Friday, July 20, 2007

What Paintball Gun Does Ari Gold Use papeles_grises @ 2007-07-21T00: 18:00

I have to read 200 pages, is not exciting? (Total sarcasm) and all that, the day after tomorrow.
After reading, I looked on MSN if Jacob was connected, then no, it was ... I felt bad I felt that the punishment would last forever ...
when suddenly this little window pops up and there was ... I could not say hello, I could not! I would go completely hysterical was between telling and concealing it for lifetime, and I imagine one day before the wedding when I'm choosing the bouquet and just want to point out that I'm missing is the slave, I sure would want to kill, leaving fantasy side finally managed to pass myself off as my brother and tell him that I felt bad and bla bla bla (I'm a big liar, I think if I die someday, it will be po


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