Friday, July 20, 2007

Rehearsal Dinner Decorating Ideas

Tellurium look I see dead on the floor, I think it was one of those damn cats roofers, now summer! no more food left them, without doing anything, I take the remains of tellurium and do a small little hole in the floor about 7 inches deep and leave it there, sadly covered him with earth, and I say it.
I'm about to mourn and my brother just came home, it is strange ... I did not realize when it came out but this coming, so I ask

Hey, what time you left?
"I went to do a job," answered so dry and sharp "You Kimchi Ramen
amicably say" No - even more coldly replied
Then, almost red mist fills the streets and neither he nor I can see well.
wondermuch. is impossible to have red mist here, at least that ... no. that's impossible, we are not tomsville, it can not happen in Lima, is ... just no!

my brother would not stop looking at me coldly as he stuffs the key into the slot in the door, so I turn my head and see the mist both only managed to look at us, can not be ... we say in unison.
then. he and I are hugging and bewildered, I think that we are following. Soon open the door and sat on the furniture, when my mother down a bit distressed and says she is? and we were stunned.
"This happening," says my brother-
following us mom quickly opened the door and observed silence, "I say. We all go and
comenzamosa remember that story I told of a cousin of mine who Estapé tomsville.
Charlie, my mom says that was identical to me, and the only thing we did not think was that she was a little more antisocial than me.
He showed me a picture of her, is like me, or vice versa ... I think it was very pretty, and it is not self-centered!
I went up the stairs next to the picture and look out the window as the red mist had disappeared.
try to relax a bit watching TV and I fell asleep ...

smelled the wind was melancholy, insecurity and fear.

screams were heard from afar, but did not know what happened

When I woke up all I saw was the gun in my left hand

was very cold, silver, I felt, had an accurate weight, really was in my hand.

Put the gun down and look at the floor, the floor was white as cotton.

Soon I expanded my field of vision of the floor, and saw something suspicious and found they were like twenty, but ... there was no blood, the only thought that kept me alive in those moments was that they were asleep, or perhaps faint, was the only thing that kept me calm.

In that by making way among people and gently slipped my boots in his arms, legs, heads, etc.., Seeking answers and in their faces, you reach a part of the room where ... 3 bodies were faceless.

While trying to understand ... I got distracted for a second to tie my shoelaces.

And the floor was a red pool.

When you turn ... were completely dismembered bodies, some with gunshot wounds.

So I did not want more ... and I stood up out of nowhere

anadizos began to become more complex ... one was reduced in width, or the other along. Try to think ... I could not, had a lot of tension, I closed my eyes

and disappeared


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