Friday, April 2, 2010

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Well ... not exactly know how to start, but after much thought and searching for my laptop I found a text I wrote a fic about one of my favorite bands and I decided to upload it.

dreams ... dreams are the only resource we have to evade reality, all we can do and have whatever we want. In small
all dream of something as we grow we leave behind all those dreams, completely forgetting everything as once thought. But we still have people in some faraway place, who still believe in those dreams that give us life.

My father called Peter Pan, because they wanted to be like him, would not grow ever. But ... Who has not dreamed of being a child forever? Or to live forever? Many have dreamed of but few have accomplished ... I recall that it has today there are only about 10 people, including myself, who live forever.
Do not believe me? Then read this story, she tells my life, the lives of 10 people immortal and lives of those who managed to get beyond the dreams

Why the end of the day who has not always wanted to fly and never ever missfor this magical world with Peter? At least I do what I dream and keep dreaming:)

Well ... and after that just say that surely I'll post my stories here, some of my day to day chronicle of my books, films, favorite series and any bullshit that I can think of every day xD

send a kiss.