Friday, November 19, 2010

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I heard the news while surfing through this network of our Quereres: The malware sent via the most diverse methods of personal computers that are ultimately a component of pedophilia, which, as you know, is punishable by the laws of the whole world, which is to say that if you are caught with pedophile material on your machine can condemn to various penalties, depending on the laws in force in each countries , s.
The fact is that evil does not rest and so we must be more to parrots than ever, because, without eating or drinking, you may find the visit by members of the brigade RESEARCHng of crime in the network by calling at the door of your house. Read carefully

agency article I have lost and take the action. Enough of pedophilia
around loose as to involve us who do not have, nor want!, Having nothing to do with those issues that poison our ways, into believing that everything is valid and that the venom is part of the right of every citizen to freedom of expression eleccióny.

know what I think about it: all this is orchestrated by their own "porn merchants" who have hired hackers to them andXC

AP Impact: Viruses stored child pornography on his computer virus-informatico por amoamao AP) - Of all the things that make sinister computer viruses, this could be the worst thing a computer can make Store in a child pornography without their owner being aware, a sickening twist of technology where an innocent surfer may lose its reputacióny lot of money to defend his honor.
Viruses are malicious programs that can steal credit card numbers for someone else to abuse them. Are now able to place photographs and videos on the computers of other pewave and his wife went to court, spending $ 250,000 in attorney fees. Exhausted their savings, took out a second mortgage and sold their car.
An inspection made by the defense revealed that the laptop was severely infected. He was scheduled to visit up to 40 child pornography sites per minute, something impossible for a human. While Fiola and his wife went to dinner one night, someone entered his computer and pornography streamed in an hour and a half. Prosecutors made another test and confirmed the results of the defense. The charge was dropped, almost 11 months after que was filed.

"ruined my life, my wife's life and the lives of my family," said Fiola.

At any given time, about 20 million of the 1,000 million Internet-connected computers worldwide are infected with viruses that could give hackers full control of them, according to the manufacturer of computerized programs ticos security F-Secure Corp. The computers are often infected when the user opens an attachment to an email from an unknown person or visit a malicious page online. The

pedophiles virus can be inserted in several ways. The simplest is obligatorygar to another's computer to visit child pornography sites, collecting images during processing. A computer can be converted into a warehouse for images and videos that can be remotely when the computer is online.

is also possible that some joker or just someone who wants to do harm to enter one of these viruses on your computer, to make it appear that you navigate through illegal Internet sites.

In the first publicly known cases of innocent people become victims, two men in Britain were acquitted in 2003 after itHarvard University. "The problem is that sometimes it is the dog eating your homework."

would be difficult, however, that a pedophile will get away with using the excuse of a fictitious virus, the expert said Jeff Fischbach. Even

careful collectors of child pornography tend to leave incriminating clues, such as emails and DVDs. No lawyer who uses the excuse of the virus may explain the existence of such evidence, said Damon King, attorney for the Child Obscenity Unit Explotacióny U.S. Justice Department.

Anyway, the fact is that, Desktop search, n has even more illicit material has not been discovered yet.

"Just because it's there does not mean that a person wanted to be there, whatever it is, including child pornography," he admitted.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bridal Shower Cleaning Invite My story with Harry Potter

Well ... not lying to say I do not remember exactly what day it all started, I remember I was 9 years ... It must be about my birthday or Christmas, my you to give me the first book and the truth is that when you open a book and see me happy, because reading is something very special to me but when I read it from behind: Go fuck book have given me but said nothing . Later my aunt

I wonder what I had thought I was still reading it, and told him that was great. Weeks later my cousin came and told me: What book coolest whenLesson three Harry Potter book, my mother looked at me weird because I knew that I liked and I said okay, but as you read ...

I read and I must say that I love in a brutal, as he had never loved him ; a loved a book (not counting the endless history) and those Christmases when my cousin told me about the book I could answer it, knowing exactly what I was talking to me and take me three good feelings. The joy of having served a purpose, to have discovered something amazing and seeing the happy face of my cousin to be able to share that with someone.

What happened after we all know, I was hooking and engaging every time I get the seventh Masythymus book disappointed me. But not in the same way worldwide. Half or more of you are disappointed for the fans 19 years later, well, I will not say because I do not like lying, but what really disappointed me this book was like dying Voldemort. If you tell me who has a thousand and one explanations or who died and for this and never will do that but you do. Never understand as the greatest wizard of all time died on bounce your own spell, sorry but it's something I can never reach more than ... Voldy deserved to die m & aacute; s dignity.

Despite this I do not hold grudges JK and make many fans at all. I know how hard it is to finish a book and not knowing what to give final and you give a lot of laps just never like it and eventually have to leave even the best that I can not convince. Also how difficult it is to say goodbye to characters who have spent many years with you and make the difficult decision to kill them because they are obliged to be things, or give them an ending that is not deserve because you could not do better ... I know it's a lousy excuse but so many times ... Still it is true that a good writer knows how to make thegave all for nothing, wonderful people who today are everything to me and have the best birthday of my life. Thanks JK

Thanks Harry. Thanks World of Harry Potter in general.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Engraved Leather Bracelets Canada Autumn Sun

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The autumn sun is hard, and contrasts in a special way that causes the shadows, more than in summer. Hard but beautiful: its light is harsher than in any other season, as announcing that the year is on track from the shadows of winter.

hurts the eyes that glare is perceived from within, in every object illuminated with a hypnotic appeal that keeps staring at him even unintentionally.

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When that happens introspection is inevitable, getting into a welfare state that very young children naturally enjoy, under any circumstances.

Such is the avoidance of the land, which some people I know, which catches them walking down the street, they have to stop, because otherwise we lose the ability to orientation.

Of course, that sun of which we speak should be noted that fogging cloudless, light and preferably all the mediodía, when it drops almost vertically on people and things.

Sometimes this phenomenon is brought forward in time, occurring as late August or early September as a prelude to the anticipated end of summer. Things change ...

The leaves take longer to fall and even to lose their green than ten years ago, and the sun, with the warming and the ozone hole, retains its force for a longer period.

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is the stage of the lean winter for the textile, but we must remember that for centuries

made their year-round in August and now it is time to balance the scales. Every cloud has a silver lining ... because Nature is wise, and even in the worst conditions always favor someone.

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