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What Kind Of Cm Week Before Period?

amp; nbsp;
everything will be different
Author: Santakinney

A new beginning for our favorite love story.

Warnings: There are facts that happen to like the fantasy series, but others are mine.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Cowlip but Gale comforts me every night for it.

, & nbsp; When Brian returned from the dark room to meet friends, Justin au No kissing is on track with another, leaving the other rub, Brian looks at the two and realize how young they are believed to fall short of eighteen and is now aware of the years that separate them.

- Brian

stop looking at them, look like one of those guys who fuck seeing page -

& amp; I'm sorry but I was looking at you, I think I'll take the guy who you were ... a virgin, right?


not you dare - Watch and learn - Brian disappears down the runway and approaches the whispering girl wants to fuck you, you agree and go two

- Asshole - Justin turns to the waiter to order another


-   right? - Michael that is next to Justin feels alluded. - Sorry, not going for you, was talking loudly. Emmett

happens to be located next to Justin and he puts his arm around the shoulder.


do you know her with Brian? -

Brian ... - Justin repeat - nothing, not even know her name


&Brian is back with the guys look at the track to see if Justin is still out there.


Sorry - Emmett is about - your blond has largado.Sabes love you ...

- ;

I do not know what you mean - try to get rid of him going to dance

- We have defined perfectly

- & n

go wrong - Fuck you Honeycutt.

************************************** ****************

Debbie at home are all sitting at the table awaiting the arrival of Brian, as always and as late I know have begun to sit and drink a bit so that the wait is so long.


I'm here - greets Brian opened the door, hang your coata kiss, right? - Brian gets up and hugs Debbie


Capullo - Debb embraces you stronger - You are very thin man ana will fill the fridge, I have a clear idea of what might be in it.


not you dare - but Brian knows that tomorrow when I get to work find decent food in your kitchen.


We'll see and sit &Local chime melody positions, do not know why you lose the time to go - Brian answered by your child cuddle -

this year that could , or think there's a new kid that stands out among others, a certain Justin, I have spoken highly of Ely want to see their drawings. -

Justin - Brian repeats, known to be a slight chance but and if its Justin, would love to see him out of Babylon in another setting, to see how it moves, if all that was brimming confidence questionnairep; Brian ... who understand you - jump Mel - Debb Gus we can leave tomorrow?


Sure honey, no problem.

and dining are talking about sex, politics and new loves are impossible to Emmett but Brian is away wondering if this artist Justin will be the fair yesterday, put hot blonde and her rejection, blonde kissed him and rejected him, the blonde who left a pickup in the middle of the track to talk to Ely AFTER & e

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Radioshack Return Without Receipt New fic to vistaaaaaa ....


mundoooo ... it seems that these four days of vacation I have been very, very well ... I've been at my parents in a village on the Costa Brava, Llafranc, and know what is total relaxation? Read writing, walking the dog, walk on the beach raining ... it was great and I've been great.

I loaded batteries and I thought all I had to think over my muse ... and visited me and I started a fic, I have about three chapters and I leave the first and told me is what you think ...

A big big kiss for those who lose their precious time on me!

Title: everything will be different

Author: Santakinney

Summary: A new beginning for our favorite love story.

Warnings: There are facts that happen to like the fantasy series, but others are mine.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Cowlip but Gale comforts me every night for it.

Brian Kinney is the God of the club, the idol of all gay men in PittsburghThe most active stallion of the city.

Like every Friday is in Babylon with his friends or would be better to say that Babylon is like being your friends, and they spend the night at the bar gossiping and scoring of each you , or good passes in front of them and Brian will spend hours in the darkroom getting your precious dick in every ass he wants.

- Can you imagine being Brian Kinney for a night? - Ted expresses drinking cosmopolitans who has asked Emmett.

- do you want to fuck "five or six asses in one night feeling nothing, no talking, no names, no hope, no tomorrow ... just sex for sex? - Answer a susceptible Emmett Brown watching a hot guy who has been at his side - No thanks, I do well as I am.

- I'd like to see how you feel yourself when you get all you want, you like that - says Michael pointing to a perfect body - you have it or you like these - pointing to a &you; foward fuck, enjoy watching him. Spend the night

well, getting into and getting his ass cock anonymous, does not know anything about them, no name or age or marital status, only takes advantage of their mouths and their asses for the use and enjoyment of é l same, just think about your own pleasure, in his own need, never thinks about whether it will be going just as well that he never knows exactly what question because the answer, be fucked by Brian Kinney is a divine gift and feel like you puts the tongue in your mouth is an orgasmic experience, because Brian knows fuck but he also knows kiss.

And something happens when Brian leaves the habitaciónpo meet friends, feel a shiver through his body, an invisible force that makes him turn to the track and watching a young blond who is eating the mouth to another blond, not so young, not so handsome, not so exciting.

Brian feels the urge to approach and when it comes just ahead of you is watching them kiss, the youngest and sexy while still stick his tongue to the bottom on the other blonde is also is looking expectantly, spending a few minutes so, examining, analyzing, challenging one another for one to do something, the end is Brian who DECIC act and head down the other guy's cock until expJosef blond as he put him closer to the desired language to the mouth.

feel a sense of relief, balm, is finally in the mouth that has made him lose prespective for a few seconds, notice how the blond is enjoying too, each Brian lick is answered by a groan of blonde but do not know if it's the kiss you are getting the best stallion of the city or the blowjob they are doing in the middle of the track, when they perceive that the blonde is about to be run off a few milímitros to see the face of satisfaction, and is still m & amMLXC If you're quick you can still reach him, James makes it one of the best blowjobs in town - Justin turns to get away as soon as possible in front of this impressive and powerful man. -

right - Brian takes him by the wrist without pushing too hard - I do not referíaa James when he said it to enjoy . -

I thought so, but ... - Justin touches her lips with her soft fingers - do not fuck with guys who could be my padre.


What? - Brian's hand quickly separates her mouth blonde - does your father?


Well maybe I have missed but not fuck with guys over thirty



asshole I have 28 - Brian answers an increasingly angry, increasingly irascible yet more horny by the gills of blond.


&be the plaything of one, it already happened and will not fall into the same shit - I'll see you around here, Dad - emphasizing the last word says, laughing.


Asshole, I hope to see you no more.

and Brian takes off into the dark room again because I needed relief after having tested those lips, desirable and sexy last.

& am

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n the loft, the events of this morning have been overcome and they are tired and dejected.

always knew that Ben had an expiration date, which was a strong chance he would not see grow old Michael, who did not see the first major exhibition in New York Justin next week , or not to see that the girls had decided to return to Pittsburgh in a month but that his death has advanced things.


Ring, ring ... -

; Oacute n Michael and Justin's old room and finds Gus sitting up in bed with a sheet in hand

- ;

Santa has come - and opens his arms to take him

Brian -

Sure ... I've always said that when I need here I'll be ... what about Gus -

you come alone or with Sun


&; Nbsp;

has been in the loft ... so he wanted to? - Brian leaves Gus again on the couch and strokes her head


not better than not, I prefer you to mourn pondríaa only you and I know you're not going to mourn, you never do, now you have not cried and everyone was ...


Gus & hellip , each one feels the pain in his way and puts it as you can but you're right or not often ment, As seen


miss me .... I, Mogollon - And Gus is thrown into the arms of his father and kisses her neck


Gus You okay? .... do not want you so bad today, we'll Uncle Ben at fault but he will be watching us and taking care of wherever you


I know ... you , or Michael meTES?


course .. I promise you love to see it give me the will read

- Nooo

- and he takes his role in Gus's hand - I also have to promise not to read, just have to keep Dad & hellip ; promise me stubborn.

thinks Brian is a few minutes but finally agrees, takes the paper puts it in his pocket and Gus puts to bed the old bed of Michael and Justin's old bed, secondssounds like after your child's breathing is deep and loud, dropped rendered him too.

down the hall When Michael was about to give a gentle kiss and tell him that you want and go home

Arriving Justin lies on the couch drawing


Thanks for waiting .... You can not stop your muse sometime during the day - gives you a kiss the front and put two Jem Bean - Take what you need


What happened does not scare me .... - Justin leaves the block to the ground and feels good to make room for Brian's feet blonde fucks and puts them above the knees.


Your son ... ..


Your son .. what you have done - Justin drink sip by sip whiskey while hit Brian


, &TMLXC - I thought so - Brian takes the paper from his pocket - and I leave it up to read, says that only I have to Save in Kinnetick safe ... but if I have no safe ....

- Did not you read it? Seriously, you have not read

- hoping to get home and read it with you ... if you want

Justin drink the cup in one gulp and caacute, it looks black and white movies but the will to Sun when they're bored at home, the picture that we did in Grandma's Garden Debbie dad, Sun and I and that is always at next to my bed and always kiss before going to sleep, I think dad has another like it in his office but this one can put on your bedside table and kiss before bed also with Sun to side; my shell of the fate that one day I found under the sofa in the former home of Pittsburgh and I think dad fell to his bracelet he always wore, but now not ever see it, a drawing Sun when I made my visit s veníaabsp;

From what I've read you've had to stay with that ...


Me I left with many things but this is the most amazing you've read - Brian put aside to look face to face Justin


You never what you thought? ...


I never thought about what you thought you

- CHTto prepare but I think a month .... is well


Brian ... .. - Justin sits in bed with a heart two hundred per hour and Brian also sits


I do not want to lose more time, we never know how much we want to spend all hours of the day with you, I want you near me, just want to fuck you, I want to do it all with you ... Will you marry me

Sunshine -


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; Nbsp; are two different icons but the same fic.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Gale Cowlip but every night I am comforted by it. MICHAEL POV

Again the blonde fucking in our lives, good in my life, buenoooo in the life of Brian.
not lay it all easy, I do not trust anything about him, and trusted me before and trust me now ... how Brian can be so blind not to see that Justin has returned to his arms because he has realized that without it there is nothing: no house, no dinero, or to pay bills, or even friends.
Brian, Brian, Brian ... I can make you understand that Justin does not suit you, you're better off without him, it was hard at first for you, but with days to regain your old life, your old self, that the blond was exterminated at last the party came back to live your way, whole nights devoted to sex for sex, that you are so passionate about and what makes you who you are.

No regrets, fuck and fuck, do not believe in love and never going to believe, why you give this little illusions if you know you're going to get hurt sooner or later, if you are going to stop sooner or later. CHBia fun without a partner on the side, which missed her so much to Justin who was looking for a substitute for spending the nights bitter, Brian never cheat, he looks too much like being in love the blond, maybe if I knew prior to Brian, who salíaa link by link, never repeated, always had control had not been able to see your real self.
is what happens to Michael, now I'm looking at my side watching the couple and I know I do not understand how Brian has given another opportunity to Justin, do not understand because he has known separately, but I I've always seen this thread which unites them, this love that binds them. And I glad to be together again because Justin Justin is not without Brian by Brian is Brian and Justin in your life without. POV

EMMETT I can not believe .... Justin has done it again.

Because I love this guy, and I admire Brian for making sure all the shit that have been passed among them and reopen your life. If it is impossible for Brian to let you enter his little vicious circle and let you see his true self, for us, friends for years, never see what Brian has left to see Justin in such a short time, if it seemed quite impossible that uony new account and had forgotten the blond ... but now Brian is aware that life has given him another chance to be with Justin and I want .. because he loves him more than you'd like a, you need more than they can accept, Brian is not stupid and knows that opportunity and not submit every day.

Reunification (Part 2)

R eto # 77: Icon

Icon: nito_punk

Too easy to tell,

Son POV of the characters that appear in the icon.
, are two different icons but the same fic.

All characters belong to Cowlip but Gale comforts me every night so . POV

JUSTINin each caress me, in every kiss steals my breath .... - Brian .... - Mmmmm ... yes?
- I need urgent folles

And that smile makes me shiver, I feel special because I know I'm the only Brian Kinney gives second chances and I will not disappoint. POV

BRIAN - Brian ....

- Mmmmm ... yes? - I need urgent folles
And I can not help but smile.

- A song Masy empotraré you on the wall of the darkroom.
- M

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since Brian has come home sad and off.

- Brian ... - the brunette lifts her head and watch as the blonde asks him to come to him, when is on the ground before the small side table shows the vacant eyes of the blond - Is all this? - He says, noting all the magazines and menus.

- The what Justin

- & nbnbsp;


- And you have not said anything?

- do you want to tell you - Brian tries to leave but is stopped by the wrist


're his father, say you do not want Gus to be carried -

They are his father Justin I do not knowif you've noticed


you I can not, really, I can not - now it's Justin who tries to get away but the tan you for




What's happening? This image quehaga do not care what the people want, no longer serves me Brian, always hiding your true feelings, always hiding behind that arrogant and heartless Brian, always giving bodyp; know you love me and want to marry me

- I just want to fuck you so hard that I feel even when I've run .... but before I go to see the dyke. I love Justin Taylor-Kinney.

- I know Brian Kinney-Taylor.

And they are kissing and hugging.

Free Pattycake Uncensored

to World War II.

Eleven and twenty-seven, there is little for the sound of the intercom interrupted me, there is little to tell you if there are others where to call, which always annoys me that one day I will open it , ... and everything I do to hear her voice, her sweet voice.

- Pipiiii

- If ? - I know very well that you are you but let me know.

- & nbo see how it is.


Thank you, Mr. Kinney.

and replace the handset and open the door slowly, down the steps without making any noise but when I get to the landing I can only see as a blond with an ass of scandal away from mailboxes and leaves. Pick

mail and back up to the loft, as I close, I realize how pathetic I was, two weeks listening to her good morning and I think I've become dyke, have long free above affects me and if I have no inspiration ... .. I spy Brian Kinneyh ... thanks - seems to make it easy I was surprised


something wrong? - I can not help him talk, I hate to loose talk


No, but as always complained lately ... I was embarrassed that I opened directly


is that today I am very busy and I've already wasted enough time with you - and I smile, say mydoctor she's dating now, and I looking at the clock and not arrive home late, home late for God to open the postman, if I am pathetic is clear.

eleven, thirty-five and I get to my street, there stands before the portal with your car to the side and the cards in hand, it is far too bad the guy from behind and it seemed to me on Monday, those jeans make you a very nice ass.

- Hello - I say to get to his side as he opened the portal - Go - and I'm paand our hands are in the switch but quickly parted.


Well I go home, that you have a good day - and get into the elevator thinking about how much I would like to kiss those lips so meaty and tasty.


Pipiiii - Good morning the postman I can open

- Sure Justin & nMmm



I'm Beth, Justin has a party today and not return until Monday .. I can open


--- - open, not saying anything and come back to the computer to write but I can not seem to my muse has also taken the day off.


I spent a weekend a little weird, I do not know what the hell happenedBut since Friday I'm fucking a blond guys all go ahead.

to Michael in Babylon noticed and asked me what was wrong with the blonde, who did not walked punches and gave me so much if you were low, tall, blond or brown but now sñolo was choosing blondes.

I told him I did not know what he was talking to shut his mouth and took a brunette who was staring at me all night .. but I knew Mickey was right.

I'm becoming a bit obsessive because of Justin, I mean the postman, from when my pickups have names and most of all, since whenor someone I have not yet pulled a name.

seems that the blonde has also become my inspiration, all these ideas of love dangerous and impossible come to life on each page of the book.



- ;

Ups - I have that out of my mind and the only way is to spend something between the two and could disappear this obcecaci &; Oacute n my mind


How did you know?


's eleven thirty and you are very methodical


I mean how do you know that I have to go


You have to climb? - Now I am surprised


&no other but seem like hours, I have so keen to have him yet I cherish every moment you have.

He runs his hand over my naked torso and ends in my cheek, I got high sonríey instantly and kiss and kiss me, I stick my tongue deep into her throat and é he puts his in my mouth, his hand goes to my neck, trying to get closer but it's impossible, I'm so into it that my legs were loose, my hand goes in search of her hair, it seems that everything it is a magnet for me: her voice, her eyes, her mouth, her hair, her ass.

Justin leans back on the table and I under pants, has a cI like to kiss and I would spend the day doing but I need to feel right now.

I approached the limit of the table to put my cock in her precious ass, first'll put a couple of fingers with some lube to go to make room, he does not complain contario calls Masy there I go, I put the tip into his hole and takes my elbow, asking to continue, not stop and I put all inside. We

rocking wildly yet with tact and affection, is a strange feeling because it looks like we fucked many times and we met completamente, our bodies are perfect fit, our breaths seem one, our mouths come together and not separate ... seems impossible at a time when we run we both ecstatic and satisfied.

I stay on top of his bare chest, feeling the beat of his heart, feeling his hand stroking my hair, I never had so cherished, never let me caress well .. for Why give him the principle is different? ... I separated and I look to find some answers but I only see her smile lighting up my room.


& aC

few minutes after I close the door, wishing it will be tomorrow to have him again.

Where Can I Buy An Inflatable In London

The truth is that I was a little forgotten, poor me, so now I'll put everything I have written for the community ... I will put no coments ... it ... is that if I have little backlog!!

Challenge # 71: Mask

Title: without MA ; mask
Rating: TP
Summary: Brian's feelings are revealed
Notes: Located in the S5 when Justin just returned from LA, the idea of the challengemay not be very successful ... I hope you accepteis igual.Mi muso did not have very clear ideas and I do not.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Cowlip but Gale comforts me every night for it.

Justin Emmett comes to buy some things for the night of Carnival of Babylon, since he arrived in Los Angeles has spent every night in the loft with Brian enjoying a great sex and unrepeatable but since Emmett called this afternoon if he wanted to accompany him shopping the worm has been partying in Babylon, has wonia

- 're a little whiny - kneels in front of Justin Ely kisses on the forehead as she plays to see if you have fever - seem to have a few tenths, now you make something

- No, I just want to sleep & ndash , Brian Justin sees the box next to it - What have you already spent the salary in the new sex shop?

Nah, tomorrow is the night of masks in Babylon, not you remember? And I bought some to see what is best and wipe us wherever we go.

- I'm not going - Brian turns around and hiding under the blanket

- But Brian, since I have not yet reached Babylon and walked the night you can do anything you want and no one recognizes you, you can even let you fuck public - Justin takes the blanket and smiles as & eacute, he knows it but find a Brian staring with anger and rage

- have not understood what little asshole ? - Brian gets up at once and goes to bed - I will not go to Babylon fucking bitch hiding behind a mask

- ; Brian ... - Justin tries to stop him but he gives a empujóny throws to the ground and stays there waiting to pick you up and apologize again, but this does not happen. CHTML

rian and resting well tapadito turns around and returns to the kitchen to prepare something for dinner if Brian is awake and hungry. *************************************

now is Justin who is tapadito with a blanket and lying on the couch watching one of the old movies of Brian, heard noise in the room but not moving an inch.


Are not you climb into bed? - Hear Brian's voice behind him


& n in causa.


If you hate this movie, can not bear to end badly



already but like I have an idea that life is not as pretty as my gustaríay me that there are people who love to suffer and to hurt those who love them ... plus each Once more ... I like the main character reminds me of someone I know


will make me a site & ndash


You scared me - and Brian is on the face of the blond it's true - I had never driven like today and I will not be repeated ..


Justin ... sorry - Brian gets up and kneels in front of him, putting her face in her knees Blonde - I'm sorry, did not want to hurt you


I will not permitIrlo, Brian - takes her face in her hands and brings it closer to yours - I will not allow the gene Kinney seizes you, you are not well .. I think have happened to you by Brian

head always surprised that Justin knows you well and can not do anything about it, have reached a point that seems to have a common mind in two separate bodies, Justin knows that something happens and Brian knows that the blonde will not stop until



Nothing .. I was wrong it seems now that I'm better now - Brian gets up at address ó na the kitchen does not know how to open your heart, do not know how to explain before the blond, he is standing behind him


you never answer any of my questions? ... Can not you just tell me what the hell happened to me will pull the ground


Justin ... - his voice is pleading, he implores her to stop asking, you stop to remove their feelings that tear your corazón.Apoya stop her frand about the dark is back to him.


I never want to cover my face, I never want to deny reality, I do not understand me wrong again ... Justin - the blond stood before the man who surprised the world, the man whatever happens, deny what you love and always refuse at such times is able to see with clarity, able to see him without the facade of hard without the Superman costume that does not care about feelings, is able to see him unmasked.

& nbsp;


I love Brian Kinney ... and you can burn it immediately.