Friday, July 20, 2007

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I'm shaking in my room, appalled by the idea of all this from the curse is attacking me now to me. Yes, all this must be just a bad dream that thankfully just ended. It is true that now my life is more boring than before so I have not left the house since the day of the event and move on about a week. I am feeling increasingly confident that this is happening to me is something wrong I have done and what's worse is that I know it is.

got a logical explanation for all this. It's called Karma. And I think it is necessary to explain which is the Karma as everyone knows, even the most naive.

I convert

Hey, you're still just as fat "and Mars apostille" You're still just as dwarf! "what really amuses me no but I try to take it well. seems that only come to the house to fuck with my life and talk to my brother, at first glance is that it is more ... I think that's in the background. The main idea is to be with his father, Gerard.

Last night I slept well, although my mother not. Gerard woke early and began to speak inconsistencies, go anywhere and say that the thieves had entered. to talk of thieves had under the pots and dishes, also indicated under the chairs and tables and say "No you see? catch it! there it is! "My mother never stopped thinking he could he is going mad or something andstilo, and had called the police, my mother did not know what to tell the cops, I just thought that it could be happening, it took the pressure and was very high, she said that maybe could be it.

was about to mourn. I was completely desperate. and could not think of anything else.

As if this were not enough in the morning I explained everything and I felt bad, but always hated Gerard in some way by calling me "little girl Selfish" and that he would have wanted the evil a hundred times, did not deserve this, my mother. Say something good and it clearly states: "Do not worry mother, should not be anything wrong, maybe just stress!"

face looks at me with "I hope so because otherwise I kill you!"

chen I see your face I look down and say, "Something to eat?"

me back and beckons me to go shopping. Seeing a basket filled we went to pay in the box, miraculously, was empty. They spent all the goods and made the happy question everyone know "Bill or Bill?" followed by "A credit or cash" to which we responded almost in unison "Vote on credit" After a few moments ... the girl who answered said he had no money in the account, to which my mother responded "Impossible!" and I said, "MEFISTO! have stolen."

Kimchi: Cymbals Koreano spicy flavor, served with rice

Ramen Kimchi: Kimchi soup flavor


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