Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How Long Has Miss Sixty Been In Business?

mundoooo Hello to all ....

I know, a long long long time since I know anything about me .... but I think I'm back.

Honestly I think I needed this little Kit Kat, for some, as I have told in private messages, but I think I broke a little pressure, this pressure is invisible but ... the want to read and talk about everything, wanting to write something decent to read so many good things and think that what one writes is painful .. Above

've spent quite a time of change durum.

I will not be every day here, I never want to spend all this obsession of the dayno, kill me, yes, kill me in a sweet and passionate, in a way that at first I did not realize but little by little I was bitter, I ate your head thinking why not was sufficient for him, showing why sometimes I could not live without me and left me lying second after like a dog, I was totally insane before his attitude ... and although I always thought that my love would be enough for both, the truth is that it was not so .. I could not fight more for it, I did not lose my sanity for someone who could not he loved me, and I know I at least want to believe hacĂ­aohe did .. he loved me, loved me.

- Justin you okay? "If you want to leave here and continue the session next week ...

- No, dct. Jefferson ... I've just been on my mind .... now that in a couple of weeks back to Pittsburgh, memories and feelings I had hidden in a part of my head back to the surface .. . and I have fear.

- Scared?

- Yes. Of everything that I can encotraba there .. all these people who I loved at a particular time of my life and I pulled away right away, without any explanation &