Friday, July 20, 2007

Significance Of Mottled Skin papeles_grises @ 2007-07-21T00:06:00

give us a week to think things through, that if we return, it must be for us to be for some time.

both want the same thing, that it lasts long and is like in the movies those couples who always help and etc, something like that. Not be as effusive as in those romance novels.

Paso this week and with it a great anecdote, the day after we said we wanted to return, he sprained his foot and could not leave together, or on Saturday or the dominigo, so this Sunday night, wanted to see and was at 11 pm at home and on the road began to mourn the sky, I was getting wet while walking, the tips of my hair dripping and had all my clothes next to the body, when it comes to their porch, ring the bell and under limping. Abhad separated about 3 glasses of "feeling" that tasted really disgusting but I thought it was refreshing and I took it from there ximena was completely intoxicated as I thought about going home the petunia had told me to accompany her to buy a jacket like mine, then take the 3 cups quick and ran home from petunia, when I saw told me that reeked of everything from cigarettes to feeling so I had to take off my shirt and walk with only one pole.
when you return and had no phone and I started to look like crazy, I had a headache and could not remember exactly where I had left so call from a phone booth Tahis and she had, it was night and return to house between the computer about 2 hours and then gave me sleepI was talking with Jacob before bed and I was very cold so I fell asleep with his shirt, ah how nice it was almost as if embracing embers.


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