Friday, July 20, 2007

Noughts Crosses Strategy

I'm excited, there are only 3 days for school! Luke early today call home, I was pretty sad, he said he had just broken up with his girlfriend Gretel, she stopped by a guy named ... as it was called?, Edwin! If so ... Edwin, I think it is in England or something, it's funny because also studies at St. Phillip, but ... in England of course.

not tell you because I knew I was speaking in English, it is common in spoken English tomsville, well ... I said something like that to calm down everything would be fine and those typical words that people often say others when they pass through a difficult situation.

After that I wonder if he read the note you left in my suitcase, I said yeah right, thenontraba in Osaka! And I was a little surprised because he never traveled to Japan for this time of year, just for Christmas.

I asked him if he got school in Osaka and I said no, because it would come to study in London, St.Phillip, and then I thought maybe it would be that guy mate Edwin, auque not think so, he is older, has 16 so that it is impossible to study together, and here
St.Phillip I was a school for men and women, there also serious, but it is not. The London headquarters accepts only men, I wonder how sympathetic will hahaha, I do not know ... because there are rumors that almost all the guys are gay, well, hope it's not true, because according to some brochures I've seen many kids simpticos and would be a shame to be gay.

However this still no news of St Phillip, I know no one is more in this country nobody knows about it. It is as if hidden. What makes me think better of that school.


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