Friday, July 20, 2007

Measurements Of Twin Bed Slats

ibeyro thinking that I probably would serve as inspiration
I've tried everything ... Damn Nathaniel because if he had inspired in the last moments.
since yesterday afternoon I decided to be the former.

which ate a lot of popcorn, kissable, skittles, and drank pepsi per liter while writing many stories
but nothing worked ... I try everything, even listen to j-pop k-pop,
but I could not rewrite anything, nothing like the old stories
I think I lost the touch, I thought.

when he was about to lie down to sleep.
the Carlos Alberto told me he felt bad ... I had an attitude a bit hypochondriac
but I think it was good to leave him alone in these situationstions. so try to raise your self esteem

the truth that if you make something crazy not stand ... ... is not very good to me and what I consider
enough and you keep enough respect mainly because it is much larger than me ... at least about 10 Anios. Although

be 14 and almost 15 years is enough reason for discrimination. some people told me I do not look my age physically
Maybe yes, but mentally pretend to be older.

believe me I do not like this idea because so many people say otherwise, so sometimes, several times I've lied about my age so common
, concert tickets, tickets to bars, and sometimes to retain people, but in the long run every lie is discovered. CHTMLX
or who have read a lot and we like to read,
Which is great because I know many people who believe that reading and writing is entertaining. Petunia

think reading is sad, that is for losers and people with no social life.
I think your brain, or what is left of it is a little, uhm ... as they say?
EMPTY!, But anyway. People are people.

I can not believe I finished the chocolate cake in less than 30 seconds, my stomach is hurting me and I have a cramp in his right foot. I think
phoning me, ah! This is Petunia, I have no desire to talk to her, so you better turn off my phone.

I really do not like me much I walk my cell calling nonsense


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