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, okay. But who do we vote?

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have to push the parties and youth knock out the dinosaurs.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cottage Insurance Michigan Scholars deny the Mayan Prophecy

ies had no scientific rigor and that - as we heard yesterday - which marked the above schedule was not the end of the world, but the end of a cycle time (Era) and beginning of another that would lead changes in the world as we know it. As we said, Hollywood was not immune to these prophecies, and launched a film on the subject (2012) - which had a modest reception - but that was enough to make some undecided or gullible most cases due to the issue and launched his tirades over the network, which goes plump manifest, warnings, threats and other fallacies, as welland the period it is fantasizing about characters and situations ..

the mayor of the village of Bugarach said:
We are concerned, we can see on the internet that 'enlightened' foresee the end of world December 21 2012 that Bugarach be the place to be "to save himself, he said.
past couple of years, the net is awash with gloomy scenarios about the apocalypse to come, based on readings of the Mayan calendar and Nostradamus.
So strong are these theory & iacute; as-they evoke the end of the Mayan calendar, the reversal of the poles, the alignment of the planets of the solar system or a collision between Earth and a mysterious planet, which NASA, U.S. space agency felt compelled to deny, in 2009, the approaching end of the world.

"The world will not end on December 21, 2012," NASA said in a rare campaign to try to dispel the widespread rumors. "

Such was the mishmash that has been armed, coincidentally, hours after posting the news on my blogs, a statement appearedive thousand 125 years, and the beginning of another stage, said Maria del Carmen Valverde Valdés, coordinator of the CEM.

That culture had a circular notion of time, which means that history will repeat sometime

, also explained the historian and Ph.D. in Mesoamerican studies. For them, when writing the record is a prophecy, it is a cyclical conception where the facts are repeated, when speaking of their predictions is in fact what occurred in their own history in one form of the Yucatec Maya which is always cryptic and symbolic; Lica, he said.

The Mayan calendar has been studied and deciphered since the late nineteenth century

then began to develop an analogy of the dates of the Mayan calendars and Western. "In this correlation, there are several discrepancies among researchers, ranging from days to years," he said.

cycles of 13 BACTUNES

A bactún is a unit of time equivalent to Maya 144 thousand days of the Western calendar, multiplied by 13 bactunes, this figure yields a cycle of five thousand 125 years, ending on December 22, 2012. Then

is, will end a period and begin another, without any glyph refers to the end of the world or humanity

. There is nothing like that in the inscriptions of that culture, said Tomás Pérez Suárez, also a researcher at CEM.

On December 22, 2012, in the Mayan calendar cycle, ending a five-thousand 125 years and start a new one, but no inscription is mentioned that will be the end of the world reiterated the archaeologist.

If you close a period of 13 bactunes up another well, and is the only thing that will happen, Maya

jam & a

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dora Party Invitation Template

mined that desempeñaa perfection with total concentration.

Can you imagine the staff of El Bulli - restaurant or other bells - with his nose powdered by coca or laughing loudly by the joke that causes the grass? Is not that right? So why the hell in some places, cooks and waiters snort or smoke a few cheerleading hatched before (or middle) of your job? Why shops, bookstores, supermarkets, buildings, offices, schools, gyms, clinics etc. there are staff who are & ldquo; places "every other day too? Do these places have bull performance in all circumstances, or is that the thing has become such an extent that can not work without the use of drugs? So there is inefficiency in staff need to go to work stoned? A little help, they say. But little help, or what stories! Surely those people who work are allowed certain "freedoms", would the outcry if they knew that the teacher

The issue of drug addiction has reached a point where consumption has become a social necessity. And so things you can imagine the near future with a growing number of addictions that we can not rely or priests (if any left).

high-risk professions such as medical, public transport driver, pilot (air, rail or sea), police, construction workers, laboratories, etc., have in their ranks consumers ¬ suitable for blunt noses. So, each draw their own implications and decide whether you want a society in which we will not know who to trust. Either that, or more stringent criminal laws that force professionals from high-risk groups - the majority - to undergo periodic reviews and analysis in order to ascertain their state of reliability .

Friday, November 19, 2010

Blender Blueprints Raft

I heard the news while surfing through this network of our Quereres: The malware sent via the most diverse methods of personal computers that are ultimately a component of pedophilia, which, as you know, is punishable by the laws of the whole world, which is to say that if you are caught with pedophile material on your machine can condemn to various penalties, depending on the laws in force in each countries , s.
The fact is that evil does not rest and so we must be more to parrots than ever, because, without eating or drinking, you may find the visit by members of the brigade RESEARCHng of crime in the network by calling at the door of your house. Read carefully

agency article I have lost and take the action. Enough of pedophilia
around loose as to involve us who do not have, nor want!, Having nothing to do with those issues that poison our ways, into believing that everything is valid and that the venom is part of the right of every citizen to freedom of expression eleccióny.

know what I think about it: all this is orchestrated by their own "porn merchants" who have hired hackers to them andXC

AP Impact: Viruses stored child pornography on his computer virus-informatico por amoamao AP) - Of all the things that make sinister computer viruses, this could be the worst thing a computer can make Store in a child pornography without their owner being aware, a sickening twist of technology where an innocent surfer may lose its reputacióny lot of money to defend his honor.
Viruses are malicious programs that can steal credit card numbers for someone else to abuse them. Are now able to place photographs and videos on the computers of other pewave and his wife went to court, spending $ 250,000 in attorney fees. Exhausted their savings, took out a second mortgage and sold their car.
An inspection made by the defense revealed that the laptop was severely infected. He was scheduled to visit up to 40 child pornography sites per minute, something impossible for a human. While Fiola and his wife went to dinner one night, someone entered his computer and pornography streamed in an hour and a half. Prosecutors made another test and confirmed the results of the defense. The charge was dropped, almost 11 months after que was filed.

"ruined my life, my wife's life and the lives of my family," said Fiola.

At any given time, about 20 million of the 1,000 million Internet-connected computers worldwide are infected with viruses that could give hackers full control of them, according to the manufacturer of computerized programs ticos security F-Secure Corp. The computers are often infected when the user opens an attachment to an email from an unknown person or visit a malicious page online. The

pedophiles virus can be inserted in several ways. The simplest is obligatorygar to another's computer to visit child pornography sites, collecting images during processing. A computer can be converted into a warehouse for images and videos that can be remotely when the computer is online.

is also possible that some joker or just someone who wants to do harm to enter one of these viruses on your computer, to make it appear that you navigate through illegal Internet sites.

In the first publicly known cases of innocent people become victims, two men in Britain were acquitted in 2003 after itHarvard University. "The problem is that sometimes it is the dog eating your homework."

would be difficult, however, that a pedophile will get away with using the excuse of a fictitious virus, the expert said Jeff Fischbach. Even

careful collectors of child pornography tend to leave incriminating clues, such as emails and DVDs. No lawyer who uses the excuse of the virus may explain the existence of such evidence, said Damon King, attorney for the Child Obscenity Unit Explotacióny U.S. Justice Department.

Anyway, the fact is that, Desktop search, n has even more illicit material has not been discovered yet.

"Just because it's there does not mean that a person wanted to be there, whatever it is, including child pornography," he admitted.