Friday, June 19, 2009

Activities After Brazilian Wax

Okay, I had not planned to come here but see, I found something I want to share xD
I've had the review of botany (one for September ...) and I have mania I'm always picking up the 20minutes. Not for nothing, but I really like because it reads fast and such. Since I was not touched me fuck me (a great day yeah) And of course, I entered the web to have a look xD What was my surprise when I found this: Robert Pattinson

showering daily

Okay, I've split the ass xDDD I have been good. I mean, my Roberto I think the great, I ri, Or much when it comes out in the media as Eduardo ... grrrrr (although for the next movie I'm more of James, who hoygan how the child has xD).
Ale, and ^ ^

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sugar Glider Green Poop

Not remember when was the last time I made a post ... but now I come on plan so nothing whiner.

hate the world. And I basically hate the existence of mathematics. Without them everything would be easier. And I would not be on the verge of tears because I do not know where to catch them now. It is a useless subject (I will not miss if you study mathematics, but mine is the most useless of the world), took and saw that they lacked the first 12 credits and ale mathematics because it planted itself. That sucks. I do not understand anything and I have the exam lu