Friday, July 20, 2007

How To Make A Tech Deck Staircase papeles_grises @ 2007-07-21T00: 13:00

tico but I think it looks pretty, or was .... After

me under the stairs recklessly (as always) and slip (as usual) I jump up and open the door like a thief, I slip as before and just after that I close my mother said after her "As you scrub, if one day something happens is not my fault!" - He says just because she wants to take the car to school, which does not please me at all because these girls look like their first-degree loncherita Barbie or fashion animated children's drawing for them.

I walk as detached from my body, my legs automatically move and my eyes are blurred in the fog and the gray smoke of the city, the wind cut my skinand appear to ape, are hitting like crazy and laughing like hyenas and hungry wild ridiculous. The chick next door escaped and there is a child that does not stop me with a face of "God, I never saw someone as abnormal as you" - Which I Alhague and smile sarcastically as I move my foot as if you were playing maniacally drums (or drum specifically, the pedal).


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