Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ovulation Discharge And Pregnancy

I do not spend nearly here. Basically it is because my modem on Thursday said he was tired and yesterday I had not interned. Of course, yesterday I got home just in time to make my backpack for the great show on MTV pirarme Winter ... And that added to the sleepless nights I needed (I practice all week at 9 Soil ...) because it makes me kind of person. But ... I come to scream because I've grown up and responsible and HE SUSPENDED ONE ONLY !!!!! * Dances * I played 6 subjects of a second and I got 5, thanks xD The one I have left is a blah because they have approved 16 of the class, so you'll take me. But jolin

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Meat To Put On A Cheese Tray

Hey! Two tickets within 24 hours!
xD Well, actually this is silly but as I go to school and whom I will not yell of happiness because that I do not understand (do not know how hard it is to have to talk for hours frikadas able to name any because you look weird, do not know) I put it here because it is my little corner of frikerías: D

I was watching videos on youtube of Jared ('what rarooooo' shouted the people) when the postman called me y. ..

Of course, I've said if you had the camera out there who gave me my

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kate's Playground Forum SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII * jumps *

I still lost, I know. But you know what?? HE APPROVED

expected ZOOLOGÍAY * drum roll * THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT DAMN !!!!! That may

you the same but hey, I still physics to approve the first and second for me was better than 30 shots xDD And the practice test I got a zoo 8, I'm very proud of myself for knowing whether or shrimp gumbo or what is the right of a bivalve shell: D

I go to sleep that day I am I have to go subidóny morning at the doctor ... * Goes to bed because dancing has approved
physical * xD
PD. * Points icon * who is going Friday to see the movie of Mr. Padalecki?? XD yoooooo