Sunday, September 10, 2006

How To Tell Your Parents You Broke Something a bit more about me ...

want anything ... just want to be quiet.
that if I have been worrying a lot about my friends and their personal problems, emotional as I am to them his psychologist, I feel I'm full of emotions and it hurts me what happens to them especially since valery military.
than that ... I'm fine. health, trying to get a better job to beat.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Good Proxy For Facebook @ _ @ More emotional entanglements.

aracomenzar not know what to do ... every day that passes I'm more crazy for him but also feel it is more a waste of time

you like another ... that I'm almost sure.

Anything else? Oh yeah, I went to see the movie the Da Vinci Code ...- o-guess if the book did not like the movie obviously was not going to look like a big deal ... but hey, is securely in place and I like actors ...

plans for tomorrow?

evz in the afternoon may see Sara, before heading out Riaz house ... if I invited a convicted ... instead of thinking about hearts pregnant with irina =)... or x'D Fabiana, well ... Uhm ...

Katya, you're a wanker ...=) why? because I call all daydowry and your ... brat, you are not or are studying ...;_; suciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Gossip: my superdani is tied =) (no matter who do not understand)

Ehhh every day I see more people with lenses colored contact (no allusion to Cat x'D)

Ah yes ... I have some time working on a drawing and plan to retake it (since I started reading the portrait of dorian gray oscar wilde and the pet cemetery Stephen King did not have time for anything else)

Good news! my dad came back from Buenos Aires today, and I said you have to periodically go there, which means that I can sneak in some travel =) SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII that has me well.

Anyway, this is it for hoy guys.

Eat fruits and vegetables.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Canon Sd780 Time Lapse . Cycle

s of four. And I started to dream of crowded stadiums. My mother said I was way ahead ... But if anything it has made changes in my life is the love of photography. He had to go to the holiday village is not boring! That is something rare. If you want to see the photos are in: @ N00 /
(Folder Castrojeriz)

This is the last thing I did there:

and nothing else , the evening I'll post icons House, Willow and Charmed.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Ebay Gucci Handbags-sale They gave me the notes =)

So gentlemen, after much struggle I go every morinelli recess where they are never given me the notes ...

overall average in math 16 + 11 + 14 = Punished in Castilian =) SO

elizabeth (candy candy) is punished and came secretly to the PC for my mom to update

My love affairs do not improve ... I like the person who seems to earn him three cumin if I exist or not ... just greet me from time to time and seems out of obligation ...

Willfredo has cucu =)... my achievements .. well ... better not talk about mine ...

Today I stood in front of the mirror in my bathroom after my shower and I seriously wondered what I see? ... Of pretty much and I have not nor do I have a feminine personality and fitI love ... or flirtatious, seductive or sexy ... oO ... conclusion: Men are blind today.

Peter's son in July called Bolivar bolivar ... keep in mind that name, it starts to sound a lot from now on ... Nohemi

(the gothic) has physical exam tomorrow and has no guides ... but it is a skull with luck and if the prof does not fall into a manhole and not do the exam at least be easy ... lucky friend =) or as we say in Argentina ... "shit" Well I


Note 1: Today I wrote in pen ... .. I remembered the mater will continue doing so.
Note2: I call katya, for weeks that do not call.
Note3: I hate my hair ... and my nose.
Note4: I want to buy lenses dand green contact ... o_o
Note 5: my art of making notes.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Homemade Truck Bed Bike Racks

Today I saw the old version of pride and prejuicioo, a film of 1995 ... AND IS HERMOOOOOSA 2,000 times better than the 2005 version with Colin Firth and others (just so it is best *-*)

=) in these I am currently spending the next crisis:
1 -. I miss my dad ... and walk through some of its features stages of depression-o-
2 -. I have huge problems with a young ... Nohemi you know who I mean XD, whose interest in me affect my emotional state X_X
3 -. I called Elizabeth (X `D do not believe in this)
4 -. raketis no (or as they write) at home o_O
5 -. I has the most empty world album of all my fellow X `D

start o_OI buddies, and play "SOCCER PLAYERS" (because it can not even say it) "

not ask a model of those that come in" infomercials "selling ab machines ... or" OrbiTrek "(or as you type) Just a handsome guy, or acceptable, or my taste, who likes to sit and talk and have that ... that "not that" it gives you something of elegance and that can speak a sentence pronounced correctly ... Is that much? "A guy that says" this dame if you are good, that ass you have "?

Another thing, the math teacher has to die, or at least suffer a serious accident that prevents him from speaking again .. . ... or annoyed move there. Is it too much to ask that "know" what is explained? If such a woman can become a professor of mathematicspolicies then I can get to play Olympic gym (and the return of cinnamon goes wrong)! In this state

90% of men and women are EVIL ... Believe me EXCEPTIONS ARE COUNTED ... Why can not devote to their own lives? Why, if I say something to someone that has to know half the world? Come on people, having that winning attitude!? hey, at least dediquence to something productive in life Do you want to spend the rest of their lives in this state? The world is much more than this trash! profit, dediquece to study instead of talking about any number of people pelotudeces ... or act as prostitutes for women ...

must see that there are many morons (as)

Anyway, I say goodbye, I'maltering, I leave you with a picture of the love of my life. Mr. Darcy in the movie (and book) "Pride and Prejudice" (Pride and Prejudice) from Jene Austen

and a picture of me ...


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

How Do You Get Mud Out Of Suede Boots

Ok, today I did my first order of sushi graaan home in my life ... O_o

Yamato hate sushi, I got a call like 3 hours to 460 different telephone numbers ... and I was just a restaurant delivery service, ask for my order (very expensive by the way) and I got my cold rolls (I had order tempura, or warm) and wakame salad misery; _; to other eel sauce

TT came apart but my dad ate surprisingly o_o ... and then we ate cheese and sweet potato dessert, so all good x'D

My mother arrived in Caracas! This means that today is my last day with my dad, _, that has me a bit sad because I will miss him a lot ... but you do, it's back to barqueisimeto city =) o_o

the operation going well ... I'm a little bit swollen todabia (not too) but I can eat, jump, sing y. .. I got an injection against measles =)

I leave on Friday barquisimeto again, I will not stay for the birthday dianne.

I will not be able to see or ari or male.

jaime ... not to hurt. Francesco

hopefully it swallows the Earth =)

Kisses to all!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Airsoft Places In Pennsylvania

O_o my wisdom teeth pulled

was one of those special experiences, those that make your holiday ... like days ago when he does come in the film for over 18 years.

the thing went something like

I got up early and my mom called me a talk on the phone giving me all that "no" could eat ants of the operation ... I ended up eating up two loaves of bread toasted with nothing and juice.

starving ... I went to the dentist left us waiting like 2 hours and each time came a onton of people crying .... that did not give me a good image, then I saw that I was going to operate ... for everyone who watched "Popeye" because he was the spitting image of Brutus. o_o scared me patric I remembered a friend of my brother andr, y. .. move sit on the laptop to update my journal.

out of this I am in love with Keanu Reeves chararararannnnn


Note: the tooth fairy did not leave me anything .-.
Note2: happy birthday dianne
Note3: Thanks to all who have sent me text messages ... they are very nice guys =) the amooo

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cytheria Mandingo Free Vid Sample The era of Cat 2

is one of the few films in which the second part is better than the first, I laughed a lot =) really ... especially the squirrel, two animated animal is more sexy and I know ... like I died of laughter seeing it (although the love of my life remains the saber-toothed tiger)

finally, movistar people is a HUGE crap, took 5 days that I do not balance and worse, I can not receive calls (imagine the mess that I am my father for not being able to call me tomorrow ...

operate!! nooooo I have scared T__T hope

Andreina not end up as bloated as a fish ... I have to stay with my grandmother to rest. .. god!

I miss you guys so much!

Note: Nohe I will not forget the chocolate

Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Nose Is Crooked Punch Myself

today I went to dinner at my grandmother's house ... is filled with figurines of owls, are everywhere. I made pumpkin soup, cod and a salad that had a thousand things (note: as of today I do not like arugula ... yuck!> _ \u0026lt;Not eat ever!)

I spent all morning looking for a hairdresser open because tomorrow I'm going out with cat =) (and hopefully none of you suffer the misfortune of seeing me with natural hair to its full potential one day ... believe me is an experience trimmers) Riaz

wonder! nohemi well, thanks guys, I love muchooo =)

touched that I really miss me, I really miss my kids barquisimeto although it is good to be with old friends. I'm doing

ome nails as I type on the keyboard, believe me is something that only I can do, do not try this at home kids.

dad said that when getting up from a nap we went to study mathematics ... o_o I have fear when my dad taught I learn mathematics better than anyone ... but do not get tired until I know everything perfect (and that sometimes takes time) hopefully long nap

bieeen is the coolest person of the day: Mrs. Carmen, a woman who lives with my grandmother and helps with the household stuff is cool o_o ... but it seems a pili little ...

Well, there you are!

Note: do not tell me why nohemi candy ... but it's great o_o
Note2: all penguins look at the corners of the posts (messages

Friday, April 14, 2006

2 1/2 Year Old Speech Therapy Revolution Day with dani

No, I'm going to watch a movie.

=) kisses!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Maxine Cartoons On Summer andrea_reggio @ 2006-04-13T23: 36:00


At last I managed to make my blog at livejournal pirate ... I was half finished but at least lidear with the colors and other ...

I spent all day in this ...

Yes, I'm lazy ... whole day watching movies with my dad ...

recommend them: "Tootsie

- do you street!

I still have two weeks holiday!

Tomorrow I go to club daniela =) if I can upload photos ...

Who can not love Muraki?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Usb Camera Driver Enet That something is small ...

'That something is small does not mean that there is great. But it can be medium '

Abro new update to one of the famous words of my language teacher. Sometimes the crash in the neurons of the brain highways y. .. Do you have green lollipops? As recently

live happily and without problems did not know to tell here. I post my photos on Deviantart but also show here and I do not know what to do but.

And those are the pictures I took yesterday and the kind of videos. Every time I go out more, and increasingly more photos bag. I'll introduce you to a competition on the 5 senses and I have only touch. Any ideas?



Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Best Camera Tripod For Art

Uh! What a surprise, just to recover an illusion. My birthday has not given me hope, not Christmas, New Year, either.

Carnivals But yeah!

The first year I can come home at the time you want. We're going to a people who go every Saturday. From 22:00 until 2:30 there. Then there will come here and verbena. At 5:00 chocolate. Can not wait ...

And we will go to Wally. Yes, it's bullshit, but at least this year we dressed.

Nothing more, leave a picture of myself that I did:


Badabung pa'rriba xD

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Milena Velbahardcore Free Movies .'m Bad




10. 11. 12. Meredith Grey

01. 02. 03. 0

Friday, February 10, 2006

My Baby Has A Wart On His Upper Lip . My Reality


In My Reality



MGrey eredith

I hope you like. In my own xD

Two Moons and make sixteen. And then, his stature will not be taken into account.

Saturday, February 4, 2006

Flight Simulator X Multiplayer Demo .Icons [Carrot, House]

I do not know what it is called but the girl has red hair. If someone gives me redhead @ s names will make more icons. I also made two for moi_toujours of House (and not)

[+] 07 Carrot
[+] 02 House






I hope you like.

Soon icons
HP 3, did not want to be arrogant or anything but I loved how they look: P

Sunday, January 29, 2006

What's The Minimum Clearance For A Pool Table




11th 12th 13th 14th 15th


I hope you like. Who likes redheads? The icons will be coming for fans of carrot hair.