Friday, July 20, 2007

What Does It Mean If My Feet Turning Black papeles_grises @ 2007-07-20T23: 42:00

Reading it I thought it was too late so I left it aside.
Nothing else happened until they started the classes were like 2 months later.
I started thinking about people, children and probably everything that could happen.
After all I am not far in the 7th 8th.

Now is when the action starts, I have only 2 years to establish a good relationship with all my fellow amical.
are about eight-thirty at night, I must go to the presentation of Ren
I missed his voice, especially since last year, in November ... was when I discovered that we should stop seeing each other.
not if you do not get along or if I like and if I ever will.
The sun is my friendor see me as the little sister who goes to see him performing in the ravine.

I'm in the car, I have not stopped writing since I wrote "chasm."
be a bit strong to see him again because he did not know that I'm back. It is more ... not even invited me, it sounds cheeky not?. Anyway. It is a public event, Tahis told me to come it would be fun. And of course, after this there I can make my own. (As if I did bad things, oh please) I

out of the car. The place looks as always, nice, so ... homey and welcoming. I always liked this place seemed perfect for me to hear people play, really enjoyed the music here.
Suddenly I saw the crowd! It was there, have


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