Friday, July 20, 2007

Increase In Cervical Mucus Prior To Period “Be a 13, 14 and 15 year old means…”

ry that's when my mother tells me he has been thinking about changing schools, (Which I'm happy because the whole trip had been pushing for change. "Although she did not think it was a good idea)
He said he chose a school that is near the house, and accept without question.

picked up my plate, wash it, I ran up the steps (imprudently again) and started searching the Internet schools near home.

found a school called St Phillip, it sounded good so I asked my mother if she was okay with that school. She said yes, she knew a teacher and quickly called my father to tell her everything.

Suddenly a great fear filled my body, that is if they did not fit?
You might have friends there?

And most of the summer I spend thinking about it, trying to get permission for a huge concert called Union Fest. 3, but could not do it so after 1 month opened another look at my suitcase and found a note saying,

Small Arnhem, we have been thinking about leaving to visit someday,
Or come back to Andrew's birthday, 20 April maybe we can go to the concert
Toxic lipstick and Kunt! I guess
will answer this letter,

Goodbye Luke


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