Saturday, May 27, 2006

Good Proxy For Facebook @ _ @ More emotional entanglements.

aracomenzar not know what to do ... every day that passes I'm more crazy for him but also feel it is more a waste of time

you like another ... that I'm almost sure.

Anything else? Oh yeah, I went to see the movie the Da Vinci Code ...- o-guess if the book did not like the movie obviously was not going to look like a big deal ... but hey, is securely in place and I like actors ...

plans for tomorrow?

evz in the afternoon may see Sara, before heading out Riaz house ... if I invited a convicted ... instead of thinking about hearts pregnant with irina =)... or x'D Fabiana, well ... Uhm ...

Katya, you're a wanker ...=) why? because I call all daydowry and your ... brat, you are not or are studying ...;_; suciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Gossip: my superdani is tied =) (no matter who do not understand)

Ehhh every day I see more people with lenses colored contact (no allusion to Cat x'D)

Ah yes ... I have some time working on a drawing and plan to retake it (since I started reading the portrait of dorian gray oscar wilde and the pet cemetery Stephen King did not have time for anything else)

Good news! my dad came back from Buenos Aires today, and I said you have to periodically go there, which means that I can sneak in some travel =) SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII that has me well.

Anyway, this is it for hoy guys.

Eat fruits and vegetables.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Canon Sd780 Time Lapse . Cycle

s of four. And I started to dream of crowded stadiums. My mother said I was way ahead ... But if anything it has made changes in my life is the love of photography. He had to go to the holiday village is not boring! That is something rare. If you want to see the photos are in: @ N00 /
(Folder Castrojeriz)

This is the last thing I did there:

and nothing else , the evening I'll post icons House, Willow and Charmed.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Ebay Gucci Handbags-sale They gave me the notes =)

So gentlemen, after much struggle I go every morinelli recess where they are never given me the notes ...

overall average in math 16 + 11 + 14 = Punished in Castilian =) SO

elizabeth (candy candy) is punished and came secretly to the PC for my mom to update

My love affairs do not improve ... I like the person who seems to earn him three cumin if I exist or not ... just greet me from time to time and seems out of obligation ...

Willfredo has cucu =)... my achievements .. well ... better not talk about mine ...

Today I stood in front of the mirror in my bathroom after my shower and I seriously wondered what I see? ... Of pretty much and I have not nor do I have a feminine personality and fitI love ... or flirtatious, seductive or sexy ... oO ... conclusion: Men are blind today.

Peter's son in July called Bolivar bolivar ... keep in mind that name, it starts to sound a lot from now on ... Nohemi

(the gothic) has physical exam tomorrow and has no guides ... but it is a skull with luck and if the prof does not fall into a manhole and not do the exam at least be easy ... lucky friend =) or as we say in Argentina ... "shit" Well I


Note 1: Today I wrote in pen ... .. I remembered the mater will continue doing so.
Note2: I call katya, for weeks that do not call.
Note3: I hate my hair ... and my nose.
Note4: I want to buy lenses dand green contact ... o_o
Note 5: my art of making notes.