Friday, July 20, 2007

How To Play Handball/racquetball papeles_grises @ 2007-07-21T00:04:00

It's 11 and 24 am I'm terribly bored, Jacob does not return from college yet, I think that comes out at 12 so I wait patiently on my computer, after all I also I have things to do like eating breakfast but not to eat also yesterday was a day almost perfect, we go out together after college, was tender, especially since recently just returned last Friday, was supposed to Kendra come to my house, but it never came, I think it was with Sergio . But even so, look to your house, so arrive ring the bell but no one who would answer me, suddenly I was a little disappointed and was 3, still too early to go home, because it was assumed that he had permission to 6 to be at home, and qpa
- Ah, but I really can not go, change you, wear shoes and go?
- No, really, I feel even more guilty, "said Carlos Alberto low
then faced" pillin, and saw "and sits on the top step and began to speak, and he starts asking me for cigarettes, Jacob going to buy cigarettes and I answer that no shear and Charlie sits with his dog. Charlie soon learns comes and licks me like they were walking his bone, but in the end, I think I am sympathetic to the whole family, I thought out loud ....


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