Sunday, January 29, 2006

What's The Minimum Clearance For A Pool Table




11th 12th 13th 14th 15th


I hope you like. Who likes redheads? The icons will be coming for fans of carrot hair.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Littlest Pet Shop Platypus News

o calm tide (which is well explained bad xD). I do not feel either that or that I go under, I'm just there at the right point in order to be happy. LJ

Since art is the best thing is to start by explaining what it means for me this lay. Is a starfish (Suong than anyone that I read in elementary school science suspended). What does this star? The starfish can walk, move its five legs perfect, but prfiere stay still. His limbs as I said are complete and perfect, and if he loses out again. I identify with her. My five pillars of happiness are equal. I'd rather not call attention not to move too much or sharp turns in my life, but in my seething assume an activitysta. Who would fear to thoughts of a starfish? I suggest that fear of mine.

'm also obsessed with the sea. I do not know if I am Aquarius and is one of those things that you have gotten into the brain for no reason. When I was little I got into the bed of my parents and saw the covers fish. I saw fish and seaweed, and shells with thousands of shapes and colors. Swimming in a sea limited that sometimes I fell to the harsh reality. Now that sea is no longer, I can not see it. But I still remember.

not supposed to I have to say anything personal. Anyway.

Since I bought the camera stopped taking pictures, I love this new hobby. This is the first of a series of photos I hope you do not have f