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Waxinggetting Turned On Fiestas Patrias, fine prints and Raul P. Barrenechea


My brother resivio the same amount, that's not fair! the greater by 6 years! should not give him anything. is 20 years old and goes by the twenty-one, whenever I think of his age I think they should fuck out of my house and let me showered gifts and conceit, my grandmother always had a preference, always give money when asked , always makes breakfast and I ... I? ... I rot. Las Fiestas Patrias not excite me just give me a reason why my mother gets to my house and not return until the next day, it's exciting, that and I can go where I please. Today there
football game, play the "U "(*), is Jacob's favorite team and mine too, actually hate football, but the team ma

Friday, July 20, 2007

Is It Okay To Mix Midol And Alcohol Today is Friday 13 - "That miieeeedoo ...."

joy Friday, weekend and start poetry wind will nesting between the strands of my hair, my skin rubbing his hands and sad autumn leaves will last to leave a soft gray winter the city. black birds flew school today and will return on Monday to start the routine again. The cycle of my school life, my life of "moral formation"
The sunset on Friday will bring me satisfaction to see you again, young sparrow
three days to enjoy you.
The smiling Friday, Saturday The warm and tender and sad Sunday. Contigo week, Young Sparrow, is to live without looking at the calendar ...
and is just ...eve joy to Friday, weekend and ends the poetry.
writing poems I'm working hard, that is, I spend most of the time that Jacob is not, or out with my brother
, yes sir, my brother

. I hate my brother is a creep, always gets Jacob advantage that I can not go Monday through Thursday.

is not fair, I demand a room for my own!, Well ... Tomorrow, Saturday, My

slave and I ... We met a month, which means that with this are twofold. CHTMLX

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I have to read 200 pages, is not exciting? (Total sarcasm) and all that, the day after tomorrow.
After reading, I looked on MSN if Jacob was connected, then no, it was ... I felt bad I felt that the punishment would last forever ...
when suddenly this little window pops up and there was ... I could not say hello, I could not! I would go completely hysterical was between telling and concealing it for lifetime, and I imagine one day before the wedding when I'm choosing the bouquet and just want to point out that I'm missing is the slave, I sure would want to kill, leaving fantasy side finally managed to pass myself off as my brother and tell him that I felt bad and bla bla bla (I'm a big liar, I think if I die someday, it will be po

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tico but I think it looks pretty, or was .... After

me under the stairs recklessly (as always) and slip (as usual) I jump up and open the door like a thief, I slip as before and just after that I close my mother said after her "As you scrub, if one day something happens is not my fault!" - He says just because she wants to take the car to school, which does not please me at all because these girls look like their first-degree loncherita Barbie or fashion animated children's drawing for them.

I walk as detached from my body, my legs automatically move and my eyes are blurred in the fog and the gray smoke of the city, the wind cut my skinand appear to ape, are hitting like crazy and laughing like hyenas and hungry wild ridiculous. The chick next door escaped and there is a child that does not stop me with a face of "God, I never saw someone as abnormal as you" - Which I Alhague and smile sarcastically as I move my foot as if you were playing maniacally drums (or drum specifically, the pedal).

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to spend my stubborn problems, the help me and go back to sleep. Soon I was 9 and wakes up again and give me my pill, I have no desire even to move so I took the chair and gives me a medium rare tea.
It is late and we're watching "The Simpsons." They are like 10 and 30 so now he has to go, I say goodbye and I decide it's time to sleep.

Metallic Taste In Mouth, Creamy Cm "¿¡Adiós cruel world!?"

With this phrase first, and thinking about its meaning, ie, "In truth the world is cruel? Which brings me to answer that, yes, because this phrase is very old, almost archaic.
The listeners in the movies and say "Oh, God! Is to kill and not think about it with the seriousness of the case but with characteristic sarcasm. Think of the phrase over sized and makes me think that the world has always been so, or whenever the man felt rejected by this at some stage of his life. Yume once heard to say it in school, I think, in essence, he meant, after all his life has not been easy, maybe that's why now that Nathaniel is his "pen-pal" take very well.
Before, when I was in tomsville and I said, we gotta go ... I felt sad and alone and that the world was running out, leave my friends, school, Yume, everything was a drastic change and I remember I did not feel anything for him but what hurt me was Jacob, our relationship summer, the last thing that happened between us, everything ... I mean ... when I was practically drooling for him. and depressed me thinking about how lonely it was my fate .... and I remember listening to this song ....

Jesus Christ, that's a pretty face
The kind you'd find on someone That Could Save
If They Do not put me away
It'll be a miracle Do you

believe you're missing out? That
Everything good is happening somewhero I divide and pull apart
Cause my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark
This ship went down in sight of land

And at the gates does Thomas ask to see my hands?
I know you're coming in the night like a thief

But I’ve had some time alone to hone my lying technique
I know you think that I’m someone you can trust
But I’m scared I’ll get scared and I swear I’ll try to nail you back up
(everyone now)
So do you think that we could work out a sign
So I’ll know it's you and that it's over so I won't even try
I know you're coming for the people like me
But we all got wood and nails
tongue tied in hate factories

We all got wood and nails
tongue tied in hate factories
We all got wood and nails
And we sleep inside of this machine

Ice Skating Leg Warmers And looking wielding freedom, press it between your fingers

I've been inspired a lot in what other people, that is, by that I do see my way of thinking, but ... I really have realized that my life itself is monotonous and even boring, but for anyone who can read this may seem like a complete novel, perhaps it is I who act out or dramatic life that make me talk like that.

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I'm shaking in my room, appalled by the idea of all this from the curse is attacking me now to me. Yes, all this must be just a bad dream that thankfully just ended. It is true that now my life is more boring than before so I have not left the house since the day of the event and move on about a week. I am feeling increasingly confident that this is happening to me is something wrong I have done and what's worse is that I know it is.

got a logical explanation for all this. It's called Karma. And I think it is necessary to explain which is the Karma as everyone knows, even the most naive.

I convert

Hey, you're still just as fat "and Mars apostille" You're still just as dwarf! "what really amuses me no but I try to take it well. seems that only come to the house to fuck with my life and talk to my brother, at first glance is that it is more ... I think that's in the background. The main idea is to be with his father, Gerard.

Last night I slept well, although my mother not. Gerard woke early and began to speak inconsistencies, go anywhere and say that the thieves had entered. to talk of thieves had under the pots and dishes, also indicated under the chairs and tables and say "No you see? catch it! there it is! "My mother never stopped thinking he could he is going mad or something andstilo, and had called the police, my mother did not know what to tell the cops, I just thought that it could be happening, it took the pressure and was very high, she said that maybe could be it.

was about to mourn. I was completely desperate. and could not think of anything else.

As if this were not enough in the morning I explained everything and I felt bad, but always hated Gerard in some way by calling me "little girl Selfish" and that he would have wanted the evil a hundred times, did not deserve this, my mother. Say something good and it clearly states: "Do not worry mother, should not be anything wrong, maybe just stress!"

face looks at me with "I hope so because otherwise I kill you!"

chen I see your face I look down and say, "Something to eat?"

me back and beckons me to go shopping. Seeing a basket filled we went to pay in the box, miraculously, was empty. They spent all the goods and made the happy question everyone know "Bill or Bill?" followed by "A credit or cash" to which we responded almost in unison "Vote on credit" After a few moments ... the girl who answered said he had no money in the account, to which my mother responded "Impossible!" and I said, "MEFISTO! have stolen."

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Tellurium look I see dead on the floor, I think it was one of those damn cats roofers, now summer! no more food left them, without doing anything, I take the remains of tellurium and do a small little hole in the floor about 7 inches deep and leave it there, sadly covered him with earth, and I say it.
I'm about to mourn and my brother just came home, it is strange ... I did not realize when it came out but this coming, so I ask

Hey, what time you left?
"I went to do a job," answered so dry and sharp "You Kimchi Ramen
amicably say" No - even more coldly replied
Then, almost red mist fills the streets and neither he nor I can see well.
wondermuch. is impossible to have red mist here, at least that ... no. that's impossible, we are not tomsville, it can not happen in Lima, is ... just no!

my brother would not stop looking at me coldly as he stuffs the key into the slot in the door, so I turn my head and see the mist both only managed to look at us, can not be ... we say in unison.
then. he and I are hugging and bewildered, I think that we are following. Soon open the door and sat on the furniture, when my mother down a bit distressed and says she is? and we were stunned.
"This happening," says my brother-
following us mom quickly opened the door and observed silence, "I say. We all go and
comenzamosa remember that story I told of a cousin of mine who Estapé tomsville.
Charlie, my mom says that was identical to me, and the only thing we did not think was that she was a little more antisocial than me.
He showed me a picture of her, is like me, or vice versa ... I think it was very pretty, and it is not self-centered!
I went up the stairs next to the picture and look out the window as the red mist had disappeared.
try to relax a bit watching TV and I fell asleep ...

smelled the wind was melancholy, insecurity and fear.

screams were heard from afar, but did not know what happened

When I woke up all I saw was the gun in my left hand

was very cold, silver, I felt, had an accurate weight, really was in my hand.

Put the gun down and look at the floor, the floor was white as cotton.

Soon I expanded my field of vision of the floor, and saw something suspicious and found they were like twenty, but ... there was no blood, the only thought that kept me alive in those moments was that they were asleep, or perhaps faint, was the only thing that kept me calm.

In that by making way among people and gently slipped my boots in his arms, legs, heads, etc.., Seeking answers and in their faces, you reach a part of the room where ... 3 bodies were faceless.

While trying to understand ... I got distracted for a second to tie my shoelaces.

And the floor was a red pool.

When you turn ... were completely dismembered bodies, some with gunshot wounds.

So I did not want more ... and I stood up out of nowhere

anadizos began to become more complex ... one was reduced in width, or the other along. Try to think ... I could not, had a lot of tension, I closed my eyes

and disappeared

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give us a week to think things through, that if we return, it must be for us to be for some time.

both want the same thing, that it lasts long and is like in the movies those couples who always help and etc, something like that. Not be as effusive as in those romance novels.

Paso this week and with it a great anecdote, the day after we said we wanted to return, he sprained his foot and could not leave together, or on Saturday or the dominigo, so this Sunday night, wanted to see and was at 11 pm at home and on the road began to mourn the sky, I was getting wet while walking, the tips of my hair dripping and had all my clothes next to the body, when it comes to their porch, ring the bell and under limping. Abhad separated about 3 glasses of "feeling" that tasted really disgusting but I thought it was refreshing and I took it from there ximena was completely intoxicated as I thought about going home the petunia had told me to accompany her to buy a jacket like mine, then take the 3 cups quick and ran home from petunia, when I saw told me that reeked of everything from cigarettes to feeling so I had to take off my shirt and walk with only one pole.
when you return and had no phone and I started to look like crazy, I had a headache and could not remember exactly where I had left so call from a phone booth Tahis and she had, it was night and return to house between the computer about 2 hours and then gave me sleepI was talking with Jacob before bed and I was very cold so I fell asleep with his shirt, ah how nice it was almost as if embracing embers.

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Carlos Alberto finally went to his room, we were still on the stairs, late for me to get home, so I said goodbye to Jacob with a kiss on the cheek and I got almost running like crazy, when I was at the door I do not want to go just like that, not without having clarified my feelings. I went back upstairs and childishly isisti you to accompany me at least, and I said no a thousand times, and I told him I was to go and every time I approached said no more to me, I followed him inist and that odd, and when we almost stepped back and thought ... maybe not what he wanted, and most likely, since I came to tomsville I began to remember about my friends, but I did not tell anyone that also thought of, and all that

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It's 11 and 24 am I'm terribly bored, Jacob does not return from college yet, I think that comes out at 12 so I wait patiently on my computer, after all I also I have things to do like eating breakfast but not to eat also yesterday was a day almost perfect, we go out together after college, was tender, especially since recently just returned last Friday, was supposed to Kendra come to my house, but it never came, I think it was with Sergio . But even so, look to your house, so arrive ring the bell but no one who would answer me, suddenly I was a little disappointed and was 3, still too early to go home, because it was assumed that he had permission to 6 to be at home, and qpa
- Ah, but I really can not go, change you, wear shoes and go?
- No, really, I feel even more guilty, "said Carlos Alberto low
then faced" pillin, and saw "and sits on the top step and began to speak, and he starts asking me for cigarettes, Jacob going to buy cigarettes and I answer that no shear and Charlie sits with his dog. Charlie soon learns comes and licks me like they were walking his bone, but in the end, I think I am sympathetic to the whole family, I thought out loud ....

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While trying to sleep, think again that something could happen between us, or so it is not too nice a person is fluent enough to speak with him, but do not know, I have not talked enough with him and such is probably why I seem so nice to talk with him.
looked at the ceiling as if it were a blackboard I drew my future with the look, erased, crossed out and drew again ... until suddenly the dream came to me and went back to being a victim of its effects.

maniana In reaching a conclusion: I am a completely

"La donna e mobile, which pen to vento ..."
not I a person that is easy or something, just. I'm the kind of people who can not stand alone, I always walkthese, gestures, Senia, clumsiness, stupidity and antics, oh and my dancing rare as the "return rate" or when I start to dance ska all crazy, maybe it's because I do not care much about my personal appearance, that one with the walking hair tidy, tied, twisted or bizarre hairstyles and rococo, are not my estilo.Me like to give freedom to my hair, pick me apart when I feel really horrible, as I seem to man and that's not very nice, I like to wear the hair on the face blindfold me, because it can not see my ugly face, I like my nose but hit me when I was pequeninos, luckily still perfectly straight.

Tomsville Now only strange, its long days and beautiful evenings, pretty beaches.
Theto population, has become the best tropical people all over the country, even more, before tomsville not considered as part of the tropics, but.

died as a country and nobody knew we were doing taking up space where all was well, when we could be in another city where more calor.Creo did the president thought that this was a sort of village abandoned because canned food control and gifts Christmas, which we reject outright. As if the story is completely foreign tomsville before there was hardly anyone here, we were only 30 families of 5 or 7 people who started life here.

Tomsville I'm not, I'm from Lima, the beautiful gray and capital. The truth is that when it comes to tomsville, everything was gray and general maganificamenteampoco, only found Andrew, Luke and Curry. But just try to hang out with them, trying to return to when we were small and do moths.

Well, then I think it means because tomsville a bit strange, but the truth is I like it here, because after all I was born here. I've always studied here, and finally, I have to stay here, the last years we have wasted a lot of money coming and going from tomsville lime, almost every 6 or 3 months. And both remember tomsville
and made me want to eat Pavlova. IRS of my aunt is very rich because it puts many strawberries uhm, Nomi! I want to eat pavloooovaa!

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ibeyro thinking that I probably would serve as inspiration
I've tried everything ... Damn Nathaniel because if he had inspired in the last moments.
since yesterday afternoon I decided to be the former.

which ate a lot of popcorn, kissable, skittles, and drank pepsi per liter while writing many stories
but nothing worked ... I try everything, even listen to j-pop k-pop,
but I could not rewrite anything, nothing like the old stories
I think I lost the touch, I thought.

when he was about to lie down to sleep.
the Carlos Alberto told me he felt bad ... I had an attitude a bit hypochondriac
but I think it was good to leave him alone in these situationstions. so try to raise your self esteem

the truth that if you make something crazy not stand ... ... is not very good to me and what I consider
enough and you keep enough respect mainly because it is much larger than me ... at least about 10 Anios. Although

be 14 and almost 15 years is enough reason for discrimination. some people told me I do not look my age physically
Maybe yes, but mentally pretend to be older.

believe me I do not like this idea because so many people say otherwise, so sometimes, several times I've lied about my age so common
, concert tickets, tickets to bars, and sometimes to retain people, but in the long run every lie is discovered. CHTMLX
or who have read a lot and we like to read,
Which is great because I know many people who believe that reading and writing is entertaining. Petunia

think reading is sad, that is for losers and people with no social life.
I think your brain, or what is left of it is a little, uhm ... as they say?
EMPTY!, But anyway. People are people.

I can not believe I finished the chocolate cake in less than 30 seconds, my stomach is hurting me and I have a cramp in his right foot. I think
phoning me, ah! This is Petunia, I have no desire to talk to her, so you better turn off my phone.

I really do not like me much I walk my cell calling nonsense

Do Glory Holes Really Exist? The "Great" day

na bike behind me and suddenly I turn around I see Alphonse with Amanda and I are only spying but then Al says he can take me on his bike and with a little sense of humor agree, after all is quite a distance and walk Its too annoying

Noughts Crosses Strategy

I'm excited, there are only 3 days for school! Luke early today call home, I was pretty sad, he said he had just broken up with his girlfriend Gretel, she stopped by a guy named ... as it was called?, Edwin! If so ... Edwin, I think it is in England or something, it's funny because also studies at St. Phillip, but ... in England of course.

not tell you because I knew I was speaking in English, it is common in spoken English tomsville, well ... I said something like that to calm down everything would be fine and those typical words that people often say others when they pass through a difficult situation.

After that I wonder if he read the note you left in my suitcase, I said yeah right, thenontraba in Osaka! And I was a little surprised because he never traveled to Japan for this time of year, just for Christmas.

I asked him if he got school in Osaka and I said no, because it would come to study in London, St.Phillip, and then I thought maybe it would be that guy mate Edwin, auque not think so, he is older, has 16 so that it is impossible to study together, and here
St.Phillip I was a school for men and women, there also serious, but it is not. The London headquarters accepts only men, I wonder how sympathetic will hahaha, I do not know ... because there are rumors that almost all the guys are gay, well, hope it's not true, because according to some brochures I've seen many kids simpticos and would be a shame to be gay.

However this still no news of St Phillip, I know no one is more in this country nobody knows about it. It is as if hidden. What makes me think better of that school.

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Reading it I thought it was too late so I left it aside.
Nothing else happened until they started the classes were like 2 months later.
I started thinking about people, children and probably everything that could happen.
After all I am not far in the 7th 8th.

Now is when the action starts, I have only 2 years to establish a good relationship with all my fellow amical.
are about eight-thirty at night, I must go to the presentation of Ren
I missed his voice, especially since last year, in November ... was when I discovered that we should stop seeing each other.
not if you do not get along or if I like and if I ever will.
The sun is my friendor see me as the little sister who goes to see him performing in the ravine.

I'm in the car, I have not stopped writing since I wrote "chasm."
be a bit strong to see him again because he did not know that I'm back. It is more ... not even invited me, it sounds cheeky not?. Anyway. It is a public event, Tahis told me to come it would be fun. And of course, after this there I can make my own. (As if I did bad things, oh please) I

out of the car. The place looks as always, nice, so ... homey and welcoming. I always liked this place seemed perfect for me to hear people play, really enjoyed the music here.
Suddenly I saw the crowd! It was there, have

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ry that's when my mother tells me he has been thinking about changing schools, (Which I'm happy because the whole trip had been pushing for change. "Although she did not think it was a good idea)
He said he chose a school that is near the house, and accept without question.

picked up my plate, wash it, I ran up the steps (imprudently again) and started searching the Internet schools near home.

found a school called St Phillip, it sounded good so I asked my mother if she was okay with that school. She said yes, she knew a teacher and quickly called my father to tell her everything.

Suddenly a great fear filled my body, that is if they did not fit?
You might have friends there?

And most of the summer I spend thinking about it, trying to get permission for a huge concert called Union Fest. 3, but could not do it so after 1 month opened another look at my suitcase and found a note saying,

Small Arnhem, we have been thinking about leaving to visit someday,
Or come back to Andrew's birthday, 20 April maybe we can go to the concert
Toxic lipstick and Kunt! I guess
will answer this letter,

Goodbye Luke