Saturday, July 19, 2008

Seriously Help Me Out Here Miles Vorkosigan

This entry is for the gentlemen [info] morgan_n54 and [info] intkhiladi :

do not know if you have seen before ... this

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kates Playground Movie 2009

Although it has not raised exactly as such [info] morgan_n54 passed me a meme (through directly telling me "I've spent a meme.") So there we go again: D

What do I live-action series saw a child? Hmm ...

What was a great series: 3

The Falcon Street. I do not remember more than the opening of the series, unfortunately, but I stuck with fire. It was VERY cool.
(then of course, see it again and it was so cool, and above would recoil from Knight Rider).

Blue Thunder. Nowthink of it, counting on the good Kitt was a significant quantity of series vehicle at the time ...

The Great Hero Americano.Mucho before it was guai deconstruction of the superhero comic based on giving power to some guy ...

And I do not remember any more so mildly freaky. And you?