Friday, July 20, 2007

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While trying to sleep, think again that something could happen between us, or so it is not too nice a person is fluent enough to speak with him, but do not know, I have not talked enough with him and such is probably why I seem so nice to talk with him.
looked at the ceiling as if it were a blackboard I drew my future with the look, erased, crossed out and drew again ... until suddenly the dream came to me and went back to being a victim of its effects.

maniana In reaching a conclusion: I am a completely

"La donna e mobile, which pen to vento ..."
not I a person that is easy or something, just. I'm the kind of people who can not stand alone, I always walkthese, gestures, Senia, clumsiness, stupidity and antics, oh and my dancing rare as the "return rate" or when I start to dance ska all crazy, maybe it's because I do not care much about my personal appearance, that one with the walking hair tidy, tied, twisted or bizarre hairstyles and rococo, are not my estilo.Me like to give freedom to my hair, pick me apart when I feel really horrible, as I seem to man and that's not very nice, I like to wear the hair on the face blindfold me, because it can not see my ugly face, I like my nose but hit me when I was pequeninos, luckily still perfectly straight.

Tomsville Now only strange, its long days and beautiful evenings, pretty beaches.
Theto population, has become the best tropical people all over the country, even more, before tomsville not considered as part of the tropics, but.

died as a country and nobody knew we were doing taking up space where all was well, when we could be in another city where more calor.Creo did the president thought that this was a sort of village abandoned because canned food control and gifts Christmas, which we reject outright. As if the story is completely foreign tomsville before there was hardly anyone here, we were only 30 families of 5 or 7 people who started life here.

Tomsville I'm not, I'm from Lima, the beautiful gray and capital. The truth is that when it comes to tomsville, everything was gray and general maganificamenteampoco, only found Andrew, Luke and Curry. But just try to hang out with them, trying to return to when we were small and do moths.

Well, then I think it means because tomsville a bit strange, but the truth is I like it here, because after all I was born here. I've always studied here, and finally, I have to stay here, the last years we have wasted a lot of money coming and going from tomsville lime, almost every 6 or 3 months. And both remember tomsville
and made me want to eat Pavlova. IRS of my aunt is very rich because it puts many strawberries uhm, Nomi! I want to eat pavloooovaa!


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