Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ratchet And Clank Rhino V Schematics Puro Sentimiento

hands, your fingers ... "
-" Take off your shirt and pants down, Bri "- Justin ordered with that voice so sexy and so sweet that has and is taking effect because Brian ignored.
- "I do not know how I'm doing .. I can join with only your voice" - and Brian is carried away by desire, craving, longing, passion ...
- "You fucked with someone since I'm out? Damn, what a question, of course you Brian Kinn .. "- it could not avoid it, do not really want to know know the answer will hurt, but curiosity can.
- "No - and the answer so clear, direct and quick surprisestwo, Brian wanted to lie, tell you that nothing has changed, he has not changed but the game is not worth with Justin, wants and needs to be honest with him. "I have not fucked anyone but me the have sucked several times " -" Brian ... "- Justin wants to tell so many things but do not get it, you can only think that Brian is waiting, it has not been said or will tell .. but now it has inadvertently shown ... you know how much it means to Brian and sex in a month did not seek anyone can only mean that you miss more than anything, he wants to him. - ".. well I'm half naked completely naked in our bed ..amp; oacute; it was getting hard - "I'm at it ..... .... Justin and I can not ...." two -" Chúpatelos Brian, lube for can enter without any problem, thinks you're riding ... ahhh ... Brian my hard cock inside your tight ass ... I'm playing
...." - "three fingers now ... my little hole ... and so I'm fucking like your cock .... for dioos, you're fucking, Justin .. do not stop, do not stop ... "
-" Brian stronger .. I'm taking at a very good ... ahh! "
-" Justin! "
-" Brian! "

And the two are run together, whileSo synchronized as if they were in the same bed, in the same room, in the same city .. but there are many miles that separate them, there are new experiences to live, new feelings to learn ...

- "You're here, Bri?"
- "Yes here ...."- breaths are resuming their rhythms, their bodies are relaxed," I want to see "
- "I see .... the next weekend I'll make a visit" - Justin needs recharging batteries, now you know that Brian will be there for he is not afraid to see him again and having to leave.
- "Seriously ..."- a s