Saturday, July 28, 2007

Waxinggetting Turned On Fiestas Patrias, fine prints and Raul P. Barrenechea


My brother resivio the same amount, that's not fair! the greater by 6 years! should not give him anything. is 20 years old and goes by the twenty-one, whenever I think of his age I think they should fuck out of my house and let me showered gifts and conceit, my grandmother always had a preference, always give money when asked , always makes breakfast and I ... I? ... I rot. Las Fiestas Patrias not excite me just give me a reason why my mother gets to my house and not return until the next day, it's exciting, that and I can go where I please. Today there
football game, play the "U "(*), is Jacob's favorite team and mine too, actually hate football, but the team ma


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