Friday, July 20, 2007

Is It Okay To Mix Midol And Alcohol Today is Friday 13 - "That miieeeedoo ...."

joy Friday, weekend and start poetry wind will nesting between the strands of my hair, my skin rubbing his hands and sad autumn leaves will last to leave a soft gray winter the city. black birds flew school today and will return on Monday to start the routine again. The cycle of my school life, my life of "moral formation"
The sunset on Friday will bring me satisfaction to see you again, young sparrow
three days to enjoy you.
The smiling Friday, Saturday The warm and tender and sad Sunday. Contigo week, Young Sparrow, is to live without looking at the calendar ...
and is just ...eve joy to Friday, weekend and ends the poetry.
writing poems I'm working hard, that is, I spend most of the time that Jacob is not, or out with my brother
, yes sir, my brother

. I hate my brother is a creep, always gets Jacob advantage that I can not go Monday through Thursday.

is not fair, I demand a room for my own!, Well ... Tomorrow, Saturday, My

slave and I ... We met a month, which means that with this are twofold. CHTMLX


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