Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Instructions Pokemon Monopoly Bye bye 2008!

Well, I would put a text of these megachulis with colorcito and that you do kiticlí and takes you to the page and that but it is known that the codes and I are not friends so I'd better link and want to go xD It's a meme to know PIPOL buddies! That never hurts xD

New Year: New friends (without losing those who already have: D)

Well, I spent most of all to congratulate the year. I know I have this much left but hope to have short time to do so even if those entries on spn chorras mine (oh, i want my show now) or any foolishness that happens to me. I will not


PS. Beware of grapes. The load Alastair (or one of those Dean putea ¬ ¬)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Super Pocket Bike For Elders

Even if their abandonaditos LJ, I know in my flist at least two self-confessed fans of Sherlock Holmes.

Film this year, with Robert Downing Jr.

I do not know. Two photos are very few pictures to say something, but if you use whatever seems Gangs of New York CSI: Victorian Era, going to see her aunt.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Laser Sailboat Tee Shirts Stargate Universe

It can, and I say * may * not be the "Beverly Hills 90210 in space" feared a section of fans when they said they wanted to refocus the franchise to a younger audience.

Because we have placed great starring Robert Carlyle! Yes, that Robert Carlyle.
worth, their role as baby-sitting / mentor / Obi Wan / Professor Xavier, it is clear that the agua.Pero is iguaaaaaaaal, I'm happy: D

Saturday, December 13, 2008

White Sorority Initiation Dress HAPPY GALE_EN_VENA Feliz Cumpleaños!!

Today we celebrate the birthday of [info] gale_en_vena !!!!!! As I learn all afternoon (jo, is that Thursday was part-and I have no time to get even a little while * cries *) I have not had time to make a best gift ... but anyway hope you like it, baby: D

This jewel is my gift to you xDD I've called and said that in a flash is presented to sing too xD Well, I know it big silly but I wanted to do something because you're great xD Let's see if we can turn to scream 'IS JUEVEEEES' soon, I do not know you but I like u & amp; about girls, and arms as integers and xDDDD So that, you have a great time and all those things that are said when one meets years old, oki??

A strong hugs, nice weekend. (The hugs is to give you an idea, as my icon xDDD)

Friday, December 12, 2008

How To Make Zen Furniture The magic crisis

I do not know if I ever mentioned that I read more forums I participate. In fact, I read a few in which I'm not even registered (usually because I have nothing to say). And register it on purpose to get the rag of a topic that you do not agree I think something a little touch, I'm Taking it to Livejournal.

crisis, ladies and gentlemen. The wicked crisis hitting economies around the world, has a weak point. And they have discovered in a geek forum, no less:


brown. What, how have you been? VaWe, the crisis is like Coco and the Magi, that if things go wrong is because on TV we have gotten scared and we thought, and as we do not spend like before, because now there is crisis . Neither the fall of the housing bubble or subprime crisis in the banking sector has become a giant game of "let's see who would pop the balloon of water" and has made banks turn off the tap of credit, naaah, sillies.
Blame it on the TV and the politicians who have made up his mind that there is crisis. Of course, we knew that we could not trust them, right? to Finy after the end of summer we lied

Monday, November 24, 2008

6 Month Old Up On Knees No, if we get a bubble to fall into another ...

How is it much cheaper to buy My Little Pony figurines on eBay USA, shipping included, which in Ebay Spain? Do we have all gone mad?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Plastic Colored Bracelet Meanings

I break.

recommend to anyone aspiring writer to read Twilight for the good of their self-esteem, the rush of "shit, if it is sold I can also" must be equivalent to that gives me when I see according to what in comics and illustration.

By the way, is an analysis of what is sold today, to apply the material itself (but well done: 3).

toaaaaaaaa I break! xDDDD is very bad, very bad, infectious: _3 girls read it because there are wicked cute teenage vampire, hetero and coladito by the protagonist (which is sie

Saturday, October 25, 2008

How Much Clearance Needed For A Table

I am conducting an experiment with [info] intkhiladi .

We started to read us Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.

And we're laughing a fuck, ladies and señores.Yo I discovered that I can not say out loud "telepathic vampire baby" without having serious problems in public hilarity (lé ; grabs mourn with laughter), that the roads are unfathomable best seller, not the quality go hand in hand, and that writing about sex protofantasías adolescent girls comes to mind.

may write in the future commenting

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tooth Pain That Moves Around

episode I saw in that any that appeared on screen and he was pulling the yews sentence to Dr. Brennan (which is not arranged, nor his character is close to what is considered a standard "nice" or as direct " social business. "That is part of the character and understand it," but the outbreak of unintentional sex appeal? there is a writer who deserves a couple of collejas). And
Boreanaz is dull. Damn, how dull is o_o
- New Amsterdam : Here the writers collejas not; hosts directly. Who approves these dialogues? Hombrepordios, many years that Americans are doing with immortal series of all kinds and yet these things happen? I returned to Adrian Paul McCloud making, or that someone retype the p

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Seriously Help Me Out Here Miles Vorkosigan

This entry is for the gentlemen [info] morgan_n54 and [info] intkhiladi :

do not know if you have seen before ... this

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kates Playground Movie 2009

Although it has not raised exactly as such [info] morgan_n54 passed me a meme (through directly telling me "I've spent a meme.") So there we go again: D

What do I live-action series saw a child? Hmm ...

What was a great series: 3

The Falcon Street. I do not remember more than the opening of the series, unfortunately, but I stuck with fire. It was VERY cool.
(then of course, see it again and it was so cool, and above would recoil from Knight Rider).

Blue Thunder. Nowthink of it, counting on the good Kitt was a significant quantity of series vehicle at the time ...

The Great Hero Americano.Mucho before it was guai deconstruction of the superhero comic based on giving power to some guy ...

And I do not remember any more so mildly freaky. And you?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ratchet And Clank Rhino V Schematics Puro Sentimiento

hands, your fingers ... "
-" Take off your shirt and pants down, Bri "- Justin ordered with that voice so sexy and so sweet that has and is taking effect because Brian ignored.
- "I do not know how I'm doing .. I can join with only your voice" - and Brian is carried away by desire, craving, longing, passion ...
- "You fucked with someone since I'm out? Damn, what a question, of course you Brian Kinn .. "- it could not avoid it, do not really want to know know the answer will hurt, but curiosity can.
- "No - and the answer so clear, direct and quick surprisestwo, Brian wanted to lie, tell you that nothing has changed, he has not changed but the game is not worth with Justin, wants and needs to be honest with him. "I have not fucked anyone but me the have sucked several times " -" Brian ... "- Justin wants to tell so many things but do not get it, you can only think that Brian is waiting, it has not been said or will tell .. but now it has inadvertently shown ... you know how much it means to Brian and sex in a month did not seek anyone can only mean that you miss more than anything, he wants to him. - ".. well I'm half naked completely naked in our bed ..amp; oacute; it was getting hard - "I'm at it ..... .... Justin and I can not ...." two -" Chúpatelos Brian, lube for can enter without any problem, thinks you're riding ... ahhh ... Brian my hard cock inside your tight ass ... I'm playing
...." - "three fingers now ... my little hole ... and so I'm fucking like your cock .... for dioos, you're fucking, Justin .. do not stop, do not stop ... "
-" Brian stronger .. I'm taking at a very good ... ahh! "
-" Justin! "
-" Brian! "

And the two are run together, whileSo synchronized as if they were in the same bed, in the same room, in the same city .. but there are many miles that separate them, there are new experiences to live, new feelings to learn ...

- "You're here, Bri?"
- "Yes here ...."- breaths are resuming their rhythms, their bodies are relaxed," I want to see "
- "I see .... the next weekend I'll make a visit" - Justin needs recharging batteries, now you know that Brian will be there for he is not afraid to see him again and having to leave.
- "Seriously ..."- a s

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Percocet 10/325 Strongest

Ufff still do not quite understand how to manage this .. lueguito try to learn as much as possible:)

I put a few little icons to start