Wednesday, April 19, 2006

How Do You Get Mud Out Of Suede Boots

Ok, today I did my first order of sushi graaan home in my life ... O_o

Yamato hate sushi, I got a call like 3 hours to 460 different telephone numbers ... and I was just a restaurant delivery service, ask for my order (very expensive by the way) and I got my cold rolls (I had order tempura, or warm) and wakame salad misery; _; to other eel sauce

TT came apart but my dad ate surprisingly o_o ... and then we ate cheese and sweet potato dessert, so all good x'D

My mother arrived in Caracas! This means that today is my last day with my dad, _, that has me a bit sad because I will miss him a lot ... but you do, it's back to barqueisimeto city =) o_o

the operation going well ... I'm a little bit swollen todabia (not too) but I can eat, jump, sing y. .. I got an injection against measles =)

I leave on Friday barquisimeto again, I will not stay for the birthday dianne.

I will not be able to see or ari or male.

jaime ... not to hurt. Francesco

hopefully it swallows the Earth =)

Kisses to all!


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