Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Nose Is Crooked Punch Myself

today I went to dinner at my grandmother's house ... is filled with figurines of owls, are everywhere. I made pumpkin soup, cod and a salad that had a thousand things (note: as of today I do not like arugula ... yuck!> _ \u0026lt;Not eat ever!)

I spent all morning looking for a hairdresser open because tomorrow I'm going out with cat =) (and hopefully none of you suffer the misfortune of seeing me with natural hair to its full potential one day ... believe me is an experience trimmers) Riaz

wonder! nohemi well, thanks guys, I love muchooo =)

touched that I really miss me, I really miss my kids barquisimeto although it is good to be with old friends. I'm doing

ome nails as I type on the keyboard, believe me is something that only I can do, do not try this at home kids.

dad said that when getting up from a nap we went to study mathematics ... o_o I have fear when my dad taught I learn mathematics better than anyone ... but do not get tired until I know everything perfect (and that sometimes takes time) hopefully long nap

bieeen is the coolest person of the day: Mrs. Carmen, a woman who lives with my grandmother and helps with the household stuff is cool o_o ... but it seems a pili little ...

Well, there you are!

Note: do not tell me why nohemi candy ... but it's great o_o
Note2: all penguins look at the corners of the posts (messages


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