Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Airsoft Places In Pennsylvania

O_o my wisdom teeth pulled

was one of those special experiences, those that make your holiday ... like days ago when he does come in the film for over 18 years.

the thing went something like

I got up early and my mom called me a talk on the phone giving me all that "no" could eat ants of the operation ... I ended up eating up two loaves of bread toasted with nothing and juice.

starving ... I went to the dentist left us waiting like 2 hours and each time came a onton of people crying .... that did not give me a good image, then I saw that I was going to operate ... for everyone who watched "Popeye" because he was the spitting image of Brutus. o_o scared me patric I remembered a friend of my brother andr, y. .. move sit on the laptop to update my journal.

out of this I am in love with Keanu Reeves chararararannnnn


Note: the tooth fairy did not leave me anything .-.
Note2: happy birthday dianne
Note3: Thanks to all who have sent me text messages ... they are very nice guys =) the amooo


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