Thursday, May 4, 2006

Ebay Gucci Handbags-sale They gave me the notes =)

So gentlemen, after much struggle I go every morinelli recess where they are never given me the notes ...

overall average in math 16 + 11 + 14 = Punished in Castilian =) SO

elizabeth (candy candy) is punished and came secretly to the PC for my mom to update

My love affairs do not improve ... I like the person who seems to earn him three cumin if I exist or not ... just greet me from time to time and seems out of obligation ...

Willfredo has cucu =)... my achievements .. well ... better not talk about mine ...

Today I stood in front of the mirror in my bathroom after my shower and I seriously wondered what I see? ... Of pretty much and I have not nor do I have a feminine personality and fitI love ... or flirtatious, seductive or sexy ... oO ... conclusion: Men are blind today.

Peter's son in July called Bolivar bolivar ... keep in mind that name, it starts to sound a lot from now on ... Nohemi

(the gothic) has physical exam tomorrow and has no guides ... but it is a skull with luck and if the prof does not fall into a manhole and not do the exam at least be easy ... lucky friend =) or as we say in Argentina ... "shit" Well I


Note 1: Today I wrote in pen ... .. I remembered the mater will continue doing so.
Note2: I call katya, for weeks that do not call.
Note3: I hate my hair ... and my nose.
Note4: I want to buy lenses dand green contact ... o_o
Note 5: my art of making notes.


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