Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cytheria Mandingo Free Vid Sample The era of Cat 2

is one of the few films in which the second part is better than the first, I laughed a lot =) really ... especially the squirrel, two animated animal is more sexy and I know ... like I died of laughter seeing it (although the love of my life remains the saber-toothed tiger)

finally, movistar people is a HUGE crap, took 5 days that I do not balance and worse, I can not receive calls (imagine the mess that I am my father for not being able to call me tomorrow ...

operate!! nooooo I have scared T__T hope

Andreina not end up as bloated as a fish ... I have to stay with my grandmother to rest. .. god!

I miss you guys so much!

Note: Nohe I will not forget the chocolate


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