Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Homemade Truck Bed Bike Racks

Today I saw the old version of pride and prejuicioo, a film of 1995 ... AND IS HERMOOOOOSA 2,000 times better than the 2005 version with Colin Firth and others (just so it is best *-*)

=) in these I am currently spending the next crisis:
1 -. I miss my dad ... and walk through some of its features stages of depression-o-
2 -. I have huge problems with a young ... Nohemi you know who I mean XD, whose interest in me affect my emotional state X_X
3 -. I called Elizabeth (X `D do not believe in this)
4 -. raketis no (or as they write) at home o_O
5 -. I has the most empty world album of all my fellow X `D

start o_OI buddies, and play "SOCCER PLAYERS" (because it can not even say it) "

not ask a model of those that come in" infomercials "selling ab machines ... or" OrbiTrek "(or as you type) Just a handsome guy, or acceptable, or my taste, who likes to sit and talk and have that ... that "not that" it gives you something of elegance and that can speak a sentence pronounced correctly ... Is that much? "A guy that says" this dame if you are good, that ass you have "?

Another thing, the math teacher has to die, or at least suffer a serious accident that prevents him from speaking again .. . ... or annoyed move there. Is it too much to ask that "know" what is explained? If such a woman can become a professor of mathematicspolicies then I can get to play Olympic gym (and the return of cinnamon goes wrong)! In this state

90% of men and women are EVIL ... Believe me EXCEPTIONS ARE COUNTED ... Why can not devote to their own lives? Why, if I say something to someone that has to know half the world? Come on people, having that winning attitude!? hey, at least dediquence to something productive in life Do you want to spend the rest of their lives in this state? The world is much more than this trash! profit, dediquece to study instead of talking about any number of people pelotudeces ... or act as prostitutes for women ...

must see that there are many morons (as)

Anyway, I say goodbye, I'maltering, I leave you with a picture of the love of my life. Mr. Darcy in the movie (and book) "Pride and Prejudice" (Pride and Prejudice) from Jene Austen

and a picture of me ...



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