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Where Can I Buy An Inflatable In London

The truth is that I was a little forgotten, poor me, so now I'll put everything I have written for the community ... I will put no coments ... it ... is that if I have little backlog!!

Challenge # 71: Mask

Title: without MA ; mask
Rating: TP
Summary: Brian's feelings are revealed
Notes: Located in the S5 when Justin just returned from LA, the idea of the challengemay not be very successful ... I hope you accepteis igual.Mi muso did not have very clear ideas and I do not.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Cowlip but Gale comforts me every night for it.

Justin Emmett comes to buy some things for the night of Carnival of Babylon, since he arrived in Los Angeles has spent every night in the loft with Brian enjoying a great sex and unrepeatable but since Emmett called this afternoon if he wanted to accompany him shopping the worm has been partying in Babylon, has wonia

- 're a little whiny - kneels in front of Justin Ely kisses on the forehead as she plays to see if you have fever - seem to have a few tenths, now you make something

- No, I just want to sleep & ndash , Brian Justin sees the box next to it - What have you already spent the salary in the new sex shop?

Nah, tomorrow is the night of masks in Babylon, not you remember? And I bought some to see what is best and wipe us wherever we go.

- I'm not going - Brian turns around and hiding under the blanket

- But Brian, since I have not yet reached Babylon and walked the night you can do anything you want and no one recognizes you, you can even let you fuck public - Justin takes the blanket and smiles as & eacute, he knows it but find a Brian staring with anger and rage

- have not understood what little asshole ? - Brian gets up at once and goes to bed - I will not go to Babylon fucking bitch hiding behind a mask

- ; Brian ... - Justin tries to stop him but he gives a empujóny throws to the ground and stays there waiting to pick you up and apologize again, but this does not happen. CHTML

rian and resting well tapadito turns around and returns to the kitchen to prepare something for dinner if Brian is awake and hungry. *************************************

now is Justin who is tapadito with a blanket and lying on the couch watching one of the old movies of Brian, heard noise in the room but not moving an inch.


Are not you climb into bed? - Hear Brian's voice behind him


& n in causa.


If you hate this movie, can not bear to end badly



already but like I have an idea that life is not as pretty as my gustaríay me that there are people who love to suffer and to hurt those who love them ... plus each Once more ... I like the main character reminds me of someone I know


will make me a site & ndash


You scared me - and Brian is on the face of the blond it's true - I had never driven like today and I will not be repeated ..


Justin ... sorry - Brian gets up and kneels in front of him, putting her face in her knees Blonde - I'm sorry, did not want to hurt you


I will not permitIrlo, Brian - takes her face in her hands and brings it closer to yours - I will not allow the gene Kinney seizes you, you are not well .. I think have happened to you by Brian

head always surprised that Justin knows you well and can not do anything about it, have reached a point that seems to have a common mind in two separate bodies, Justin knows that something happens and Brian knows that the blonde will not stop until



Nothing .. I was wrong it seems now that I'm better now - Brian gets up at address ó na the kitchen does not know how to open your heart, do not know how to explain before the blond, he is standing behind him


you never answer any of my questions? ... Can not you just tell me what the hell happened to me will pull the ground


Justin ... - his voice is pleading, he implores her to stop asking, you stop to remove their feelings that tear your corazón.Apoya stop her frand about the dark is back to him.


I never want to cover my face, I never want to deny reality, I do not understand me wrong again ... Justin - the blond stood before the man who surprised the world, the man whatever happens, deny what you love and always refuse at such times is able to see with clarity, able to see him without the facade of hard without the Superman costume that does not care about feelings, is able to see him unmasked.

& nbsp;


I love Brian Kinney ... and you can burn it immediately.


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