Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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n the loft, the events of this morning have been overcome and they are tired and dejected.

always knew that Ben had an expiration date, which was a strong chance he would not see grow old Michael, who did not see the first major exhibition in New York Justin next week , or not to see that the girls had decided to return to Pittsburgh in a month but that his death has advanced things.


Ring, ring ... -

; Oacute n Michael and Justin's old room and finds Gus sitting up in bed with a sheet in hand

- ;

Santa has come - and opens his arms to take him

Brian -

Sure ... I've always said that when I need here I'll be ... what about Gus -

you come alone or with Sun


&; Nbsp;

has been in the loft ... so he wanted to? - Brian leaves Gus again on the couch and strokes her head


not better than not, I prefer you to mourn pondrĂ­aa only you and I know you're not going to mourn, you never do, now you have not cried and everyone was ...


Gus & hellip , each one feels the pain in his way and puts it as you can but you're right or not often ment, As seen


miss me .... I, Mogollon - And Gus is thrown into the arms of his father and kisses her neck


Gus You okay? .... do not want you so bad today, we'll Uncle Ben at fault but he will be watching us and taking care of wherever you


I know ... you , or Michael meTES?


course .. I promise you love to see it give me the will read

- Nooo

- and he takes his role in Gus's hand - I also have to promise not to read, just have to keep Dad & hellip ; promise me stubborn.

thinks Brian is a few minutes but finally agrees, takes the paper puts it in his pocket and Gus puts to bed the old bed of Michael and Justin's old bed, secondssounds like after your child's breathing is deep and loud, dropped rendered him too.

down the hall When Michael was about to give a gentle kiss and tell him that you want and go home

Arriving Justin lies on the couch drawing


Thanks for waiting .... You can not stop your muse sometime during the day - gives you a kiss the front and put two Jem Bean - Take what you need


What happened does not scare me .... - Justin leaves the block to the ground and feels good to make room for Brian's feet blonde fucks and puts them above the knees.


Your son ... ..


Your son .. what you have done - Justin drink sip by sip whiskey while hit Brian


, &TMLXC - I thought so - Brian takes the paper from his pocket - and I leave it up to read, says that only I have to Save in Kinnetick safe ... but if I have no safe ....

- Did not you read it? Seriously, you have not read

- hoping to get home and read it with you ... if you want

Justin drink the cup in one gulp and caacute, it looks black and white movies but the will to Sun when they're bored at home, the picture that we did in Grandma's Garden Debbie dad, Sun and I and that is always at next to my bed and always kiss before going to sleep, I think dad has another like it in his office but this one can put on your bedside table and kiss before bed also with Sun to side; my shell of the fate that one day I found under the sofa in the former home of Pittsburgh and I think dad fell to his bracelet he always wore, but now not ever see it, a drawing Sun when I made my visit s venĂ­aabsp;

From what I've read you've had to stay with that ...


Me I left with many things but this is the most amazing you've read - Brian put aside to look face to face Justin


You never what you thought? ...


I never thought about what you thought you

- CHTto prepare but I think a month .... is well


Brian ... .. - Justin sits in bed with a heart two hundred per hour and Brian also sits


I do not want to lose more time, we never know how much we want to spend all hours of the day with you, I want you near me, just want to fuck you, I want to do it all with you ... Will you marry me

Sunshine -



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