Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Aluminium Keel On Boat

since Brian has come home sad and off.

- Brian ... - the brunette lifts her head and watch as the blonde asks him to come to him, when is on the ground before the small side table shows the vacant eyes of the blond - Is all this? - He says, noting all the magazines and menus.

- The what Justin

- & nbnbsp;


- And you have not said anything?

- do you want to tell you - Brian tries to leave but is stopped by the wrist


're his father, say you do not want Gus to be carried -

They are his father Justin I do not knowif you've noticed


you I can not, really, I can not - now it's Justin who tries to get away but the tan you for




What's happening? This image quehaga do not care what the people want, no longer serves me Brian, always hiding your true feelings, always hiding behind that arrogant and heartless Brian, always giving bodyp; know you love me and want to marry me

- I just want to fuck you so hard that I feel even when I've run .... but before I go to see the dyke. I love Justin Taylor-Kinney.

- I know Brian Kinney-Taylor.

And they are kissing and hugging.


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