Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pinnacle Game Profiler For Mac

; Nbsp; are two different icons but the same fic.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Gale Cowlip but every night I am comforted by it. MICHAEL POV

Again the blonde fucking in our lives, good in my life, buenoooo in the life of Brian.
not lay it all easy, I do not trust anything about him, and trusted me before and trust me now ... how Brian can be so blind not to see that Justin has returned to his arms because he has realized that without it there is nothing: no house, no dinero, or to pay bills, or even friends.
Brian, Brian, Brian ... I can make you understand that Justin does not suit you, you're better off without him, it was hard at first for you, but with days to regain your old life, your old self, that the blond was exterminated at last the party came back to live your way, whole nights devoted to sex for sex, that you are so passionate about and what makes you who you are.

No regrets, fuck and fuck, do not believe in love and never going to believe, why you give this little illusions if you know you're going to get hurt sooner or later, if you are going to stop sooner or later. CHBia fun without a partner on the side, which missed her so much to Justin who was looking for a substitute for spending the nights bitter, Brian never cheat, he looks too much like being in love the blond, maybe if I knew prior to Brian, who salĂ­aa link by link, never repeated, always had control had not been able to see your real self.
is what happens to Michael, now I'm looking at my side watching the couple and I know I do not understand how Brian has given another opportunity to Justin, do not understand because he has known separately, but I I've always seen this thread which unites them, this love that binds them. And I glad to be together again because Justin Justin is not without Brian by Brian is Brian and Justin in your life without. POV

EMMETT I can not believe .... Justin has done it again.

Because I love this guy, and I admire Brian for making sure all the shit that have been passed among them and reopen your life. If it is impossible for Brian to let you enter his little vicious circle and let you see his true self, for us, friends for years, never see what Brian has left to see Justin in such a short time, if it seemed quite impossible that uony new account and had forgotten the blond ... but now Brian is aware that life has given him another chance to be with Justin and I want .. because he loves him more than you'd like a, you need more than they can accept, Brian is not stupid and knows that opportunity and not submit every day.

Reunification (Part 2)

R eto # 77: Icon

Icon: nito_punk

Too easy to tell,

Son POV of the characters that appear in the icon.
, are two different icons but the same fic.

All characters belong to Cowlip but Gale comforts me every night so . POV

JUSTINin each caress me, in every kiss steals my breath .... - Brian .... - Mmmmm ... yes?
- I need urgent folles

And that smile makes me shiver, I feel special because I know I'm the only Brian Kinney gives second chances and I will not disappoint. POV

BRIAN - Brian ....

- Mmmmm ... yes? - I need urgent folles
And I can not help but smile.

- A song Masy empotraré you on the wall of the darkroom.
- M


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