Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Free Pattycake Uncensored

to World War II.

Eleven and twenty-seven, there is little for the sound of the intercom interrupted me, there is little to tell you if there are others where to call, which always annoys me that one day I will open it , ... and everything I do to hear her voice, her sweet voice.

- Pipiiii

- If ? - I know very well that you are you but let me know.

- & nbo see how it is.


Thank you, Mr. Kinney.

and replace the handset and open the door slowly, down the steps without making any noise but when I get to the landing I can only see as a blond with an ass of scandal away from mailboxes and leaves. Pick

mail and back up to the loft, as I close, I realize how pathetic I was, two weeks listening to her good morning and I think I've become dyke, have long free above affects me and if I have no inspiration ... .. I spy Brian Kinneyh ... thanks - seems to make it easy I was surprised


something wrong? - I can not help him talk, I hate to loose talk


No, but as always complained lately ... I was embarrassed that I opened directly


is that today I am very busy and I've already wasted enough time with you - and I smile, say mydoctor she's dating now, and I looking at the clock and not arrive home late, home late for God to open the postman, if I am pathetic is clear.

eleven, thirty-five and I get to my street, there stands before the portal with your car to the side and the cards in hand, it is far too bad the guy from behind and it seemed to me on Monday, those jeans make you a very nice ass.

- Hello - I say to get to his side as he opened the portal - Go - and I'm paand our hands are in the switch but quickly parted.


Well I go home, that you have a good day - and get into the elevator thinking about how much I would like to kiss those lips so meaty and tasty.


Pipiiii - Good morning the postman I can open

- Sure Justin & nMmm



I'm Beth, Justin has a party today and not return until Monday .. I can open


--- - open, not saying anything and come back to the computer to write but I can not seem to my muse has also taken the day off.


I spent a weekend a little weird, I do not know what the hell happenedBut since Friday I'm fucking a blond guys all go ahead.

to Michael in Babylon noticed and asked me what was wrong with the blonde, who did not walked punches and gave me so much if you were low, tall, blond or brown but now sñolo was choosing blondes.

I told him I did not know what he was talking to shut his mouth and took a brunette who was staring at me all night .. but I knew Mickey was right.

I'm becoming a bit obsessive because of Justin, I mean the postman, from when my pickups have names and most of all, since whenor someone I have not yet pulled a name.

seems that the blonde has also become my inspiration, all these ideas of love dangerous and impossible come to life on each page of the book.



- ;

Ups - I have that out of my mind and the only way is to spend something between the two and could disappear this obcecaci &; Oacute n my mind


How did you know?


's eleven thirty and you are very methodical


I mean how do you know that I have to go


You have to climb? - Now I am surprised


&no other but seem like hours, I have so keen to have him yet I cherish every moment you have.

He runs his hand over my naked torso and ends in my cheek, I got high sonríey instantly and kiss and kiss me, I stick my tongue deep into her throat and é he puts his in my mouth, his hand goes to my neck, trying to get closer but it's impossible, I'm so into it that my legs were loose, my hand goes in search of her hair, it seems that everything it is a magnet for me: her voice, her eyes, her mouth, her hair, her ass.

Justin leans back on the table and I under pants, has a cI like to kiss and I would spend the day doing but I need to feel right now.

I approached the limit of the table to put my cock in her precious ass, first'll put a couple of fingers with some lube to go to make room, he does not complain contario calls Masy there I go, I put the tip into his hole and takes my elbow, asking to continue, not stop and I put all inside. We

rocking wildly yet with tact and affection, is a strange feeling because it looks like we fucked many times and we met completamente, our bodies are perfect fit, our breaths seem one, our mouths come together and not separate ... seems impossible at a time when we run we both ecstatic and satisfied.

I stay on top of his bare chest, feeling the beat of his heart, feeling his hand stroking my hair, I never had so cherished, never let me caress well .. for Why give him the principle is different? ... I separated and I look to find some answers but I only see her smile lighting up my room.


& aC

few minutes after I close the door, wishing it will be tomorrow to have him again.


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