Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Radioshack Return Without Receipt New fic to vistaaaaaa ....


mundoooo ... it seems that these four days of vacation I have been very, very well ... I've been at my parents in a village on the Costa Brava, Llafranc, and know what is total relaxation? Read writing, walking the dog, walk on the beach raining ... it was great and I've been great.

I loaded batteries and I thought all I had to think over my muse ... and visited me and I started a fic, I have about three chapters and I leave the first and told me is what you think ...

A big big kiss for those who lose their precious time on me!

Title: everything will be different

Author: Santakinney

Summary: A new beginning for our favorite love story.

Warnings: There are facts that happen to like the fantasy series, but others are mine.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Cowlip but Gale comforts me every night for it.

Brian Kinney is the God of the club, the idol of all gay men in PittsburghThe most active stallion of the city.

Like every Friday is in Babylon with his friends or would be better to say that Babylon is like being your friends, and they spend the night at the bar gossiping and scoring of each you , or good passes in front of them and Brian will spend hours in the darkroom getting your precious dick in every ass he wants.

- Can you imagine being Brian Kinney for a night? - Ted expresses drinking cosmopolitans who has asked Emmett.

- do you want to fuck "five or six asses in one night feeling nothing, no talking, no names, no hope, no tomorrow ... just sex for sex? - Answer a susceptible Emmett Brown watching a hot guy who has been at his side - No thanks, I do well as I am.

- I'd like to see how you feel yourself when you get all you want, you like that - says Michael pointing to a perfect body - you have it or you like these - pointing to a &you; foward fuck, enjoy watching him. Spend the night

well, getting into and getting his ass cock anonymous, does not know anything about them, no name or age or marital status, only takes advantage of their mouths and their asses for the use and enjoyment of é l same, just think about your own pleasure, in his own need, never thinks about whether it will be going just as well that he never knows exactly what question because the answer, be fucked by Brian Kinney is a divine gift and feel like you puts the tongue in your mouth is an orgasmic experience, because Brian knows fuck but he also knows kiss.

And something happens when Brian leaves the habitaciónpo meet friends, feel a shiver through his body, an invisible force that makes him turn to the track and watching a young blond who is eating the mouth to another blond, not so young, not so handsome, not so exciting.

Brian feels the urge to approach and when it comes just ahead of you is watching them kiss, the youngest and sexy while still stick his tongue to the bottom on the other blonde is also is looking expectantly, spending a few minutes so, examining, analyzing, challenging one another for one to do something, the end is Brian who DECIC act and head down the other guy's cock until expJosef blond as he put him closer to the desired language to the mouth.

feel a sense of relief, balm, is finally in the mouth that has made him lose prespective for a few seconds, notice how the blond is enjoying too, each Brian lick is answered by a groan of blonde but do not know if it's the kiss you are getting the best stallion of the city or the blowjob they are doing in the middle of the track, when they perceive that the blonde is about to be run off a few milímitros to see the face of satisfaction, and is still m & amMLXC If you're quick you can still reach him, James makes it one of the best blowjobs in town - Justin turns to get away as soon as possible in front of this impressive and powerful man. -

right - Brian takes him by the wrist without pushing too hard - I do not referíaa James when he said it to enjoy . -

I thought so, but ... - Justin touches her lips with her soft fingers - do not fuck with guys who could be my padre.


What? - Brian's hand quickly separates her mouth blonde - does your father?


Well maybe I have missed but not fuck with guys over thirty



asshole I have 28 - Brian answers an increasingly angry, increasingly irascible yet more horny by the gills of blond.


&be the plaything of one, it already happened and will not fall into the same shit - I'll see you around here, Dad - emphasizing the last word says, laughing.


Asshole, I hope to see you no more.

and Brian takes off into the dark room again because I needed relief after having tested those lips, desirable and sexy last.

& am


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