Saturday, December 13, 2008

White Sorority Initiation Dress HAPPY GALE_EN_VENA Feliz Cumpleaños!!

Today we celebrate the birthday of [info] gale_en_vena !!!!!! As I learn all afternoon (jo, is that Thursday was part-and I have no time to get even a little while * cries *) I have not had time to make a best gift ... but anyway hope you like it, baby: D

This jewel is my gift to you xDD I've called and said that in a flash is presented to sing too xD Well, I know it big silly but I wanted to do something because you're great xD Let's see if we can turn to scream 'IS JUEVEEEES' soon, I do not know you but I like u & amp; about girls, and arms as integers and xDDDD So that, you have a great time and all those things that are said when one meets years old, oki??

A strong hugs, nice weekend. (The hugs is to give you an idea, as my icon xDDD)


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