Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Instructions Pokemon Monopoly Bye bye 2008!

Well, I would put a text of these megachulis with colorcito and that you do kiticlí and takes you to the page and that but it is known that the codes and I are not friends so I'd better link and want to go xD It's a meme to know PIPOL buddies! That never hurts xD

New Year: New friends (without losing those who already have: D)

Well, I spent most of all to congratulate the year. I know I have this much left but hope to have short time to do so even if those entries on spn chorras mine (oh, i want my show now) or any foolishness that happens to me. I will not


PS. Beware of grapes. The load Alastair (or one of those Dean putea ¬ ¬)


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