Monday, November 15, 2010

Engraved Leather Bracelets Canada Autumn Sun

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The autumn sun is hard, and contrasts in a special way that causes the shadows, more than in summer. Hard but beautiful: its light is harsher than in any other season, as announcing that the year is on track from the shadows of winter.

hurts the eyes that glare is perceived from within, in every object illuminated with a hypnotic appeal that keeps staring at him even unintentionally.

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When that happens introspection is inevitable, getting into a welfare state that very young children naturally enjoy, under any circumstances.

Such is the avoidance of the land, which some people I know, which catches them walking down the street, they have to stop, because otherwise we lose the ability to orientation.

Of course, that sun of which we speak should be noted that fogging cloudless, light and preferably all the mediodía, when it drops almost vertically on people and things.

Sometimes this phenomenon is brought forward in time, occurring as late August or early September as a prelude to the anticipated end of summer. Things change ...

The leaves take longer to fall and even to lose their green than ten years ago, and the sun, with the warming and the ozone hole, retains its force for a longer period.

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is the stage of the lean winter for the textile, but we must remember that for centuries

made their year-round in August and now it is time to balance the scales. Every cloud has a silver lining ... because Nature is wise, and even in the worst conditions always favor someone.

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