Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bridal Shower Cleaning Invite My story with Harry Potter

Well ... not lying to say I do not remember exactly what day it all started, I remember I was 9 years ... It must be about my birthday or Christmas, my you to give me the first book and the truth is that when you open a book and see me happy, because reading is something very special to me but when I read it from behind: Go fuck book have given me but said nothing . Later my aunt

I wonder what I had thought I was still reading it, and told him that was great. Weeks later my cousin came and told me: What book coolest whenLesson three Harry Potter book, my mother looked at me weird because I knew that I liked and I said okay, but as you read ...

I read and I must say that I love in a brutal, as he had never loved him ; a loved a book (not counting the endless history) and those Christmases when my cousin told me about the book I could answer it, knowing exactly what I was talking to me and take me three good feelings. The joy of having served a purpose, to have discovered something amazing and seeing the happy face of my cousin to be able to share that with someone.

What happened after we all know, I was hooking and engaging every time I get the seventh Masythymus book disappointed me. But not in the same way worldwide. Half or more of you are disappointed for the fans 19 years later, well, I will not say because I do not like lying, but what really disappointed me this book was like dying Voldemort. If you tell me who has a thousand and one explanations or who died and for this and never will do that but you do. Never understand as the greatest wizard of all time died on bounce your own spell, sorry but it's something I can never reach more than ... Voldy deserved to die m & aacute; s dignity.

Despite this I do not hold grudges JK and make many fans at all. I know how hard it is to finish a book and not knowing what to give final and you give a lot of laps just never like it and eventually have to leave even the best that I can not convince. Also how difficult it is to say goodbye to characters who have spent many years with you and make the difficult decision to kill them because they are obliged to be things, or give them an ending that is not deserve because you could not do better ... I know it's a lousy excuse but so many times ... Still it is true that a good writer knows how to make thegave all for nothing, wonderful people who today are everything to me and have the best birthday of my life. Thanks JK

Thanks Harry. Thanks World of Harry Potter in general.

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