Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stop C00021a Fatal System Error I finished!

bsp; I know there are two notes, one that is the test I did yesterday and how I went wrong because I was really tired of studying and one that I'm pretty sure I passed so ... cool. In the first call that I passed June 5 tenĂ­ay this call July 6: D I have two hopefully get me in September. If I finish second in September ... I get a crappy emotion.
Well folks, I hope that if you have had exams I have left the registration and that you enjoy the summer arrives. I piro on Monday
[info] slayer_kur the apartment on the beach of C[info] HTMLXC starlight_giu so ... SIIIIIIII xD Greetings!
(Last night I went out to celebrate the final examinations with my class, as usual, and I arrived home at 7 xD That made me lifted at 4 pm, but best thing is that MY MOTHER LEFT ME TO SLEEP! I caught this morning he was at breakfast and I heard you say 'oh the hungry' but is that normal at 12 and is saying it's time to get up. .. A surprise xD)

Good summer!

EDIT: I do not get off Grey's Anatomy because I like to see it with my mother and stuff. A long tie


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