Friday, June 19, 2009

Activities After Brazilian Wax

Okay, I had not planned to come here but see, I found something I want to share xD
I've had the review of botany (one for September ...) and I have mania I'm always picking up the 20minutes. Not for nothing, but I really like because it reads fast and such. Since I was not touched me fuck me (a great day yeah) And of course, I entered the web to have a look xD What was my surprise when I found this: Robert Pattinson

showering daily

Okay, I've split the ass xDDD I have been good. I mean, my Roberto I think the great, I ri, Or much when it comes out in the media as Eduardo ... grrrrr (although for the next movie I'm more of James, who hoygan how the child has xD).
Ale, and ^ ^


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