Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dora Party Invitation Template

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Can you imagine the staff of El Bulli - restaurant or other bells - with his nose powdered by coca or laughing loudly by the joke that causes the grass? Is not that right? So why the hell in some places, cooks and waiters snort or smoke a few cheerleading hatched before (or middle) of your job? Why shops, bookstores, supermarkets, buildings, offices, schools, gyms, clinics etc. there are staff who are & ldquo; places "every other day too? Do these places have bull performance in all circumstances, or is that the thing has become such an extent that can not work without the use of drugs? So there is inefficiency in staff need to go to work stoned? A little help, they say. But little help, or what stories! Surely those people who work are allowed certain "freedoms", would the outcry if they knew that the teacher

The issue of drug addiction has reached a point where consumption has become a social necessity. And so things you can imagine the near future with a growing number of addictions that we can not rely or priests (if any left).

high-risk professions such as medical, public transport driver, pilot (air, rail or sea), police, construction workers, laboratories, etc., have in their ranks consumers ¬ suitable for blunt noses. So, each draw their own implications and decide whether you want a society in which we will not know who to trust. Either that, or more stringent criminal laws that force professionals from high-risk groups - the majority - to undergo periodic reviews and analysis in order to ascertain their state of reliability .


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