Monday, July 12, 2010

Best Brazilian Wax Columbia Sc Illusion is my way, victory has been my fate

I'm gonna say that not everyone has said already, there are many feelings and few words to show how big, how huge this is.

remember, exactly one month ago, many fans who are now out screaming, jumping, drinking, celebrating ... not giving a cent for our selection. "Winning a World Cup? To many it seemed impossible. One thing is the Euro, they said, quite another to win a World Cup. They are Argentina, Brazil, Italy, England ...
sonreíay I just told them, and Spain, to reach the final. They looked at me, laughed and called me a dreamer.But today, just today, I'm the one who calls them fools, fools, not to believe, frightened by teams that are even that large, they could not make the cut.

Today, I raise my eyes to heaven, proud, and I see my town full of flags, shirts, happy people who do not look to be less, today we are all equal, now we are all English . And this is thanks to 23 little people, have played more or less, we have shown that losing a match is not lost a World Cup we have to scream, vibrate, curse, smile, sing, mourn ... but overall we have made them happy and what they are now. Iker

Thanks for showing you're not one of the best goalkeepers in the mup; rsquo, 70 or 2 meters to be huge, you've been and will continue until you retire. Thanks for making us scream your goal as if it were the last of our lives, thank you for making millions of people join just to show thanks for what you are.

tambiéna thank this great man, seer of the Forest "I keep saying all my life I prefer to Luis Aragones but Del Bosque is great, because he knew how to trust them, regardless of what it takes to make the changes has taken advantage of it, has shown that Luis Aragones is not, he's Vicente Del Bosque and he also knows how to win, although it has been found con a team already formed. Thank you mister, thank you very much for trusting them.

What else I can say? Now you know you feel it, I have written everything I can not express anything else, is a great and satisfying feeling that I have no words to describe them.

Just say that the world has set your feet, from New York to London to get to China, each and every one of them have surrendered to you, red and yellow have dominated the world for a few days , but here in your country is a feat that will last years, decades, centuries ... The children of children of children of all English & ntil


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