Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kate's Playground Forum SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII * jumps *

I still lost, I know. But you know what?? HE APPROVED

expected ZOOLOGÍAY * drum roll * THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT DAMN !!!!! That may

you the same but hey, I still physics to approve the first and second for me was better than 30 shots xDD And the practice test I got a zoo 8, I'm very proud of myself for knowing whether or shrimp gumbo or what is the right of a bivalve shell: D

I go to sleep that day I am I have to go subidóny morning at the doctor ... * Goes to bed because dancing has approved
physical * xD
PD. * Points icon * who is going Friday to see the movie of Mr. Padalecki?? XD yoooooo


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