Friday, August 8, 2003

Keeping Rodents Out Of Rabbit Cage my life

good father to my daughters has been a person has valued q no me for who I am, I was treated like crap porq suffered much she loved him. q me so much I was disappointed but nobody learns no it was not until a week ago decided definitively q quit for good. I was almost 8 years with him. never had any details, I talked dirty, physically and emotionally abused me. fight alone for all I have because I am very independent. q we knew many people gave me advice porq was with him. self only knows when to stop. definitely had no future. my 2 girls would have a good example by having it here so I decided to finish all q. I lost many oportuniddes to be happy, many. q q I know people would have made me very happy.ork. we were always in touch by letter or telephone. my daughter was born the same day q. we liked each other from the first day we met q but nobody dared to say anything not to damage the friendship. Time passed when he came back from vacation was in May. the date of my birthday he sent me flowers. was very detailed. I bought things for my daughter. by pendeja I always pending the father of my daughter leaving me and going as usual was the oportunudad waste to be with. when Eli came to PR last time we met I thought q was pregnant with my second child and when I said it was something very sad for him.
time knew nothing of it. and then returned to the mother of his daughter, and had another child. One day he gave a premium look qami trabajavba mama told him where his name and as it was to ask the phone to know about me. While he called my mother hablron. The world was so q peq for us without knowing her grandmother was my neighbor. after knowing she told me as he was, q era of his life. while his grandmother died. q and live away from my neighbors did not know anything until the month of his death. and without knowing the wine PR and I could not see. I thought many things ... I forgot. Eli and I never had anything sexual just a simple kiss once. but the feeling for the era of the great as to me. Good spent several months in the life chances of her cousin, q once went to work for my mom now works with her. as being the military and the war in Iraq to be my mother preg it for him. to the knowing my mother sent him to his cousin the direction of it.
without spending much time I wrote to him. He told me a beautiful letter ever since we separated. the still active there and we wrote and called me. we talk a lot. porq leave his wife is not used to being a soldier (they now have a baby 1 year) she came to PR and "do not want to be with the"
I tell you from q because we are in touch all has changed me. q because he told me when her grandmother died on me and I look and I can never look me up was in the house of his grandmother to see if I looked and nothing. I missed so much like me on.
now live crazy. I write the mail from q has access to computer in Iraq and opened a


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